Why I don’t follow George Takei and it is a good thing

George Takei is one of my heroes. First for being such a great actor and second for his tenacity on fighting for certain causes.  Though this is not to say that he is perfect far from it. And while there maybe reasons for why others follow or do not follow him may state.

My reason for not following his twitter, facebook, media links etc is actually a very simple one. He has moved from a person providing information on causes and why we should support or not support them, to someone who is just asking for and in some cases stating that something should not be followed.

Blind obedience and group mentality are two of the reasons why LGTB rights are so far behind, are reasons for why people may openly support someone, but turn a blind eye to them when they are in their group.

You would think as I once did that a person with so much influence on the masses would be more careful with what his staff posts or pushes on the public. Which goes to show that celeberties tend to care little, mostly out of the fact that they do not have the time to get to understand the issues and rightly comment on them, for the issues at hand.
It is comparable to reading a newspaper but only the headlines, or in today’s world reading just the bold fonts in your facebook feeds.

Well there you have it. The reason I stopped following George Takei is because he is more of a bully follow me kind of individual rather than what he was, a person who actually was well informed and worked hard to make sure the public was well informed.


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