Why Donald Trump can win

It will not be the fault of the people. It will not be the skill of Donald Trump, which will cause him to win the election. It will be to the idiocy and blind side of the Democratic Party as to why Donald Trump will win the election. And as the world cringes to the idea of Donald Trump winning in the end only the democrats who put up the nominee will be to blame.
Sure Bernie Sanders has the best shot to win but that is not who they will put up. The democrats in each caucus are at a crossroads and it will be Hillary who they send to the slaughter, rather than Bernie who they can send to the podium.

Now many of you may be asking why is this so, or how can she lose. Well the answers are simple. It is her record that she can be attacked on rightly or wrongly it is what will cost her the election.

Her husband’s infidelity will be the first nail in the coffin but not the last. Though feminist wrongly will see her deciding to stay with her husband as a sign of strength Donald will attack it as a weakness. Along with the lack of being able to maintain a healthy family. Though, when asked in return about Donald’s divorces he can simply own up to it. Rightly or wrongly he will look stronger for it.
Her email scandal: there will be the idea that she is not professional enough or smart enough to keep her private life separate from her work life. Something that a leader should be able to do.
And then comes her speeches. The final nail in the coffin. The idea of her being attached to big business is something that is more fact than fiction and while Donald is spending his money he does not appear weaker for being part of the business world. While for Hillary it is just another black mark.
So while the democrats throw Hillary up for candidacy they are dooming the world for a minimum of four years of Donald Trump, or slightly better or worse one of the other Republican candidates.  All I can say is that it will not be the people who blindly vote here and there and are swayed as easily as my son over a shiny new toy. It is the Democratic Caucus which will give the election to the Republicans.

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