First Impressions

I have recently taken to trying a book promoter. It is called shout out my book. This is my first time trying a promoter and well I reading their page and how well they worked with people made me want to try it out.

Will I get any book sales for my book Love   this is still to be seen. I am wondering if 41ues4shkhlanyone else has tried a book promoter and what were your results? There is that old saying that promotion for Indie Writers such as myself is a 24 hour job and finding time to write is the problem. That is where getting help in book promotion comes in handy.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I work hard to promote my book by myself. I tend to be a do it all guy but getting sales is hard. Getting people to read my book and leave reviews is insanely hard. I have been interviewed and I have done review sharing and still there seem to be many who just do not want to share their secrets for success as if there are not enough readers for us all.

Tell me what you think.

Love on Amazon41ues4shkhl

2 thoughts on “First Impressions

    1. Thank you for your comment. Shout My book did not work for me. They had some technical issues and I had to work to get my money back. Now I am working with Books Go Social and everything so far is working good. I am learning a lot which is of very big importance to me.
      I think with all marketing there is an importance not just to try and push for early book sales. Though I would love book sales. You must always be willing to learn so that when your time with them is over there is still knowledge in your head.


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