True Love from someone who knows it better than you.
There is nothing that a man would not do for the woman he loves. Even when the man is the social outcast that Robert is. But given the everyman appeal that he has in his mind, his outcast persona drives the nail home. Why does he know how to love better than any of us?

You would think yourself to be somewhat knowledgeable on the idea of love and relationships. Robert would have you beat. There is no limit to his dedication and love. Yet, the hint of it being an obsession drives the point home.


Reading that first section you can see that my romance novel and my whole view on romance is just not the same as what others will do. In a time where sex sells, I have turned the page to a new view, the relationship and the views of the characters on their whole romantic connection.

For some reason in the west we tend to connect Love and Sex. That false connection leaves us wanting, needing something more. There are those who claim they know or want the spiritual but turn around on a dime for a fast chance at sex. My characters are true to their words as they are to each other. No matter the hardships they face no matter the pressure that gets inflicted on them. There relationship is always the focus. How to make it better, how to push the boundaries and how to survive the impossible.
I feel books should be this way.
Check it out—> Love

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