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As I promised last week I am going to be talking about how to use social networks to the best of your advantage. If you have the time to send a tweet at any given time and hope that you maximize the views or impressions by your audience then you cannot and must not bombard them with promotion.

You have heard this before and I will say it now just to make it clear. A tweet every thirty seconds will not increase your following. And getting a good following will increase the reach of your tweets and you will be able to make friends with people who will help you expand your readership.  This does not happen if you over tweet.

The next part of being a good tweeter deals with content. Should you post only content about your book or your blog then over time people will ignore you. This comment is not always true. The balancing point comes with you retweet, and in having the proper retweets for your audience. You must decide who are you trying to reach and why. Once you have your audience goals clear then you can retweet the right work.

Take my blog and my tweeter networking. both suffered immensely when I was not clear. I was not clear and my audience saw it only as a curiosity and not the marketing tool that it could have been. It took me close to two years to clear my goals up and have seen a jump from 10 to 20 impressions per month to over 38k impressions per month.

This is where writing a blog post a week but more importantly the proper use of tools out there to help you. I use Tweet Deck. And while it is great for organizing your tweets on your twitter, you run the risk of getting lost in reading all the tweets that come through. For my needs it is the scheduling task bar that works best for me. I spend 20 minutes every morning preparing a day to a day and a half of tweets.

Now you may be thinking that is a ton of tweets but in all actuality it is not. Here is where spacing comes to play. I space my tweets to be between 2 hours to 4 hours apart depending on how hard I want to push it. But again that is only half. I make it a point to jump on my twitter throughout the day and retweet the people I am following so as my posts are well placed and to be more interactive.

So remember, schedule your tweets for marketing with a decent amount of time between posts, target your audience, and retweet people with the same type of material. This will promote your own growth as you help others grow.


Now if you like please read an excerpt from my romance novel Love.

Watercress soup
I knew what everyone who knew her would think, bland, barely a hit of flavor, and safe. 41ues4shkhlWatercress soup when done right was a wonder, a mystery, a dream. Still with my clumsy
obsessed hands, it would be her best bet for soup. This soup required some nice hearty crackers to truly accent the flavor of the soup.
You wanted something with a rawness to the taste buds, earthy, natural, almost as if you were biting into a flavor filled tree bark piece. Something, which would allow the softness of the soup to offset, No… No that is not right.
Gah, what am I trying to tell you. The soup has to sing and be the star of the meal and for a soup as soft as Watercress, you want something opposite to allow you to enjoy the softness it brings. But then, she would only be letting me have one cracker and that would mean that I would be breaking it over and over again to allow it to, no to make it last the entirety of the soup. The crumbs, yes the crumbs would be a non-acceptable necessity. This deal breaker, this nail in the coffin means only one thing… no… Watercress Soup.



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