A look ahead.

This weekend I will be doing many things.

First of all for my readers, be ready because I am preparing my own podcast.
It is called Outliers: People Breaking the Mold.

It will be dealing with people like me. We are not your typical people in our chosen fields. I am a male who writes romance. And if you see my reviews I am good at it. But why is there this stigma about men writing romance? Why is there this need to box people in? Well those are the topics I will be covering in my podcast.
This will also come with a monthly google hangout where I will interview and talk with people who are breaking the mold. Comment on here if you are interested in coming on the show.about-me-pic

Next week will also see a new author on the author spotlight. BK Rivers, will be presented here for two weeks. Please enjoy her work and have a good read.



Next month you will be seeing my novel Kaoru in Loves Shadow appearing on netgalley.

I am very excited about that.

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