Reading is Our Passion

Could you help @reading_is_our_passion get to 5k likes, we will have a #Giveaway when we reach 5000!!! So please share, share, share💞💞💞 We are so close❤️

WE ARE NOT A BLOG – WE ARE AN OPEN FORUM TO HELP WITH CONNECTING & EXPOSURE! #pdf1 #SharingwithWriters #IndieBooksBeSeen #BookBuzz
We highly encourage Authors, Bloggers & Readers to post here ANY TIME, ANY GENRE! (Please no frontal nudity though) – ANYTHING BOOK RELATED.
NO permission is needed. We LOVE participation & helping spread word.
We DO NOT sign up for review, releases, blitz’, etc. YOU are more than welcome to share here! If you want, you can message or email (in Facebook friendly format) us exactly what you would like posted and when, we will be happy to post for you if you prefer ❤
If we can make the slightest difference in Authors and Bloggers success then we are happy 🙂 YOU can help your favorites by posting here & making a difference in their lives 🙂
This page is meant for pure fun, entertainment & a place to share about Authors, Bloggers, & pass along info on events, etc.

Please Invite your friends and share ♡ #pdf1 #SharingwithWriters #Indiebooksbeseen #bookbuzz


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