It’s Bigger on the Inside

maxresdefault1The Tardis, such a wonderful machine and yet it is more than that.One can actually say that it is the companion that never truly leaves the Doctor. But then again he leaves her many a time now doesn’t he. Sure it is for her safety as much as the whole of existence, yet there is the pickle of it.

As much as I love the Tardis there is something to be said about the paradox that it involves. And I can hear the anger of the Doctor not creating paradox because he is smarter than that. Still the paradoxes are there. Every time jump, every slight to the past or the future creates the paradoxes, to which the Doctor himself ignores, well the writers ignore because time travel is a big mess if you try to account for everything.tardis_interior_2005

So, the Tardis, what is it and why is it of importance.

To put it simple it is a time machine. At the very basic core of it the Tardis takes you from point A to point B. It does not matter the space between or the time between the two points.  It just takes you there.

But the most difficult explanation is that the Tardis is the cure all band-aid for the Universe. While the Doctor is on a joy ride always running away, the Tardis is his Jiminy Cricket, forcing his conscious to fix the problems of the world.

Yes, it is a big weight on his shoulders and I personally do not know if I could handle the weight of the whole thing. Still, the Tardis knows that the Doctor can and therefor takes him to where he is needed most. In a sense the Tardis is the reason for the Doctor and without it the Doctor would not be who he is.

Now you can say that the Doctor would always be the Doctor no matter the situation but then again I do not think that he would. Let’s take a simple look at an event.

Say London was under attack. By Aliens, or better yet, by Cyber men. And out of no-where a little blue police box pops up and out steps the Doctor. He walks around, his current companion gets caught by the Cyber men and here he comes to the rescue. The Cyber men are defeated and the Doctor is praised.cyber2

But was that praise justified. Sure he saved the day, sure he was the one to take the enemy down. But all he wanted was a cup of tea and they do make great tea in Victorian London.

Still, on the day he arrived was the day in which the Cyber men were in need of being stopped. A day later or a day earlier and the chance would have been missed.

Oh, so you say then that the Doctor just has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Then he would have a cheat book which leads back to the Paradoxes doesn’t it. If the Doctor knows all of time because he has traveled to the end of time and back again. Then he knows every spot that needs saving and every day that needs fixing.
But if he fixes them because he knows that they need fixing, then once they are fixed then he did not know that they needed fixing so he didn’t fixing and we are back at the beginning.
But the good ole Tardis, she is time in a bottle and she can sense, or see where the Doctor is most needed. She takes him there, whether he wants to go or not. Still . . . this is just the same paradox as the Doctor knowing all, it is just once removed. Now the Tardis is the one creating the Paradoxes.02f488c585fc9430ae66ba1dcec59387e62c8db0_hq
But she is bigger on the inside and that is always awesome.

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