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Welcome to the page of Jin Okubo. JinOkuboThere are few interesting things that can be said about his home town,a mildly racist country town in the Santa Barbara mountains, though he is hopeful that things have changed there. Having grown up during the great migrant issues of California during the 80’s and 90’s, he was able to experience some of the issues throughout his education all the way through his university education..

Upon finishing his university studies he moved to the beautiful country of Japan only to bounce back and forth between the U.S and Japan for a couple of years. Finally, he received his Japanese citizenship in the spring of 2014. Throughout his life he has been surrounded by many strong women which is one of the contributing factors for the protagonists in his novels tending to be women.

He loves classical literature. There is always the temptation to write easy to digest books that are made to sell, rather than books that are written for an experience reader and very few writers have mastered both. He works hard to continue to improve his craft. With every improvement he inches his way ever closer to that perfect balance of books that will satisfy the modern reader.

What he would love to say to all his readers: “I write to challenge my reader. As you face this challenge you will find that you will grow to love the characters I have created. This love will bring a deeper understanding to my writing and my characters more.”




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