人種差別主義者,ぞんざい, racist, bigot. Standing together we can push back the hate and bigotry. A personal experience.

So here I was working at the 7/11 near my home. For the most part it is actually very mundane work. Though you really get to see a full range of people as they come in and out of the store. Yet today while I was at work I ran into that ugly dog of racism that pokes its head out here and there in Japan.
I left the USA more than 16 years ago and living in Japan I have run into racism a few times. Though mainly from other foreigners who bring it with them from where ever they come from. I have had bosses that are racists and I have dropped friends that turned out to be racists. It is funny to think back on how I ever could have missed that the friends I let go were racists.

Back to the 7/11, I was restocking the shelves when a man walked into the store. He walked past everyone in the store and headed straight for the alcohol section. After a few minutes he was waiting at the register. As the other staff member was stocking the drinks I headed to the register and proceeded to ring up his things. Well I did not get far before his racist bigotry sprung to life.
I had just rung up the alcohol and asked him in a polite fashion to please press the button confirming that his is of legal age to buy alcohol. And that is where he let me have it. What I do not know as he barely made sense. The only word that made sense was that every fifth or so word into his speaking he would ask to see the manager.  And claiming that he had worked out a deal with the manager. Though there was no deal and he was just being a racists bigot trying to see how far he could push it. I asked him to calm down and was shocked when he started waving his finger at me and asking for us to call the police.
I told him in front of the manager that what he was doing was a form of harassment and that I would call the police.  With that he quickly changed his tune. He stopped addressing me and quickly worked with the other staff, the other staff is actually a part time college student.  And within a few minutes he was out the door.
And with that I thought it was the end. But a few seconds later he walked back into the store and threw some racists names in my direction and asked the college student that people like me should not be working behind the register.
The saving grace was that I was not alone and that other costumers were there. And here is where the story takes a positive spin. The other costumers that were there came to me afterwards and told me not to worry as people like that racist man must be ignored. Just ignore their bigotry and let them leave as soon as possible.
So I asked myself the question, are Japanese people just waiting for bigotry and racism to fade away? By not confronting it are they allowing it to die a slow quiet death or are they allowing it to fester? I know that there are certain places in Japan that Japanese people will not live as coming from those neighborhoods and or towns actually starts your life out with a black mark and can prevent you from attending certain universities and even being able to work at certain companies.
Because those places were places where the lower class people lived during feudal Japan.
But I love Japan and I hope that racism does fade away quickly. I do know that the best way for us to stop racism is through education and communication. Just like those costumers that came to me afterwards. They have been coming to the store for a long time and talk with me daily. We communicate, we have made those connections and through that we have made a strong bond.
And those strong bonds will allow us to push back the hate, and bigotry. We must be strong together and stand united against hate and bigotry.

The future

There are many things that we all tend to worry about when we think about the future. Money, friends, health, plans, plans yes plans. The idea that our plans will not happen tends to dwell deep within our very beings.
I forget who the quote comes from, but this idea that plans must be seen through, and that plans within plans keep us secure. Well, it went something like that.

I have plans. I have a great many plans, one of them is for happiness and I hope to have it someday. Yet, many are just for the security of the ones I love. Everything I work at and try tend to not be for my benefit but for the benefit of the people I love. And while I will stand by my integrity I will also call bullshit when I see it. I defriend and friend people depending on their integrity. I am happy to count the friends in my circles as friends because they are people with integrity. And well the ones that do not have integrity I toss to the wayside.
So when it comes to thinking about the future. I sleep well on it. I do what I can and worry about what I can’t but in the end. Well in the end the future comes and like the unavoidable train on the tracks I take it head on. As we should all.


Purest thoughts. These have awakened me to a friends voice to which I can just say Sorry and hope for forgiveness.

AhY, This Isn't Wonderland Anymore

june arrived and im still alone in my apartmemt where i have been through enough hell for a lifetime. even so the universe helps me to stay calm and enlightned like a morning breaze without rain but with cloudy skies. the ones who believe they can get away with lies will soon be revealed in a way that this world will be shoked and scared for the unclean souls that realm this planet. thus i think we should look inside ourselves the misunderstanding is unbearable when it comes to the people who think they are me or can “be” me. the life up until now is somewhat something i cannot change but choose and have to accept. there is nothing we can do to change the past but we can all stand together and work for a better future together in peace and harmony.

the togetherness sharing and lives should…

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Alien Covenant was eh. Don’t worry no spoilers just feelings.

I love the alien movies. I grew up with them. I mean the first one scared me so much as a child that I use to hide under the kitchen table whenever I was alone in the house. Then Aliens came out and the space marines cranked it up another notch and I dove more into the world. My cousin got me into the comics and I was hooked. Though I must say that I was hooked on film from the very beginning.
I have even been told that my novels read out like films. Not screenplays but actual films. Which is why I think that my screenplay writing has improved so quickly. Now back to Alien. The third was also a movie that I liked. I know many do not like the idea of the third alien movie nor Resurrection which I also loved. But I loved resurrection because it had Winona Rider in it and like any male child growing up from the 80’s and 90’s Winona was a girl and now a woman that I love. She was the first to break my heart but I welcomed it as anyone welcomes a summer rain.
So Prometheus came out a couple of years back and it was horrible, but watchable. I mean it was the first Alien movie that I considered a B movie. And I love B movies as much as A-class movies. So there I was with a movie that was down in story quality but high on graphics and I thought this is not a good way to go. But then you get the cut out scenes and you see that there was so much more that would have made the movie better. So chalk it up to cuts that lowered the quality of the movie.
And not we get to Covenant. It is nice… I guess. There is enough to make you feel the film, what I find lacking is that the story seems rushed. Until I see the extended version I will have to say that this movie is barely above Prometheus but has not captured the core feelings of the first film. It is as if you went hiking and ran into some wolves and were struck in awe only to get home and hear that your friend is leaving their chihuahua with you for a few days. That kind of disappointment until the extended version is released and I can adjust my feelings of this film either in a more negative way or a more positive way.

But don’t get me wrong. Even though I felt the movie was eh. I would still watch it again and most likely I will watch it a few more times before the extended version comes out.

Come on Bruce Campbell

TheLineLogotwitterHey all. I have reached out to Bruce Campbell about joining our film. He would be an awesome lead if he accepts. Come check us out.


The Line


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