Interview with Author Jin Okubo

Originally posted on Sacha Black:
This weeks’ author interview brings another new author, Jin Okubo, you can find him on his website. You can buy his adults books from, Barnes and Noble, and his children’s book from, and Barnes and Noble. What are you currently writing/working on? Currently I am working one…

UFC’s Ronda Rousey stupidity

In her challenge to Mayweather, she has shown ignorance. ” Hey boxer, come let me kick your ads in mixed martial arts.” Just shows her idiocy. Here I have a challenge for her, I challenge  UFC’s Ronda Rousey  into a android app programming challenge, I will kick her ads in it. Do you see howContinue reading “UFC’s Ronda Rousey stupidity”

The Strain book and show review

The show is good. Though the whining character that is the child is basically unneeded and a pathetic attempt at drama. For all the claim that GDT said he was going to keep it close to the books, he has managed to very well… that is when it comes to the vampire descriptions, the ideaContinue reading “The Strain book and show review”

I need snow

Snowstorms blizzards Forest being white it out the planes full of snow huge amount of snow backdrops know anything Laurie no I need snow. The reason is I’m working on my fantasy book cover and I need pictures of snow snow covered mountains snow covered plains of snow covered forest snow falling anything if youContinue reading “I need snow”