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Memories on Kindle

Lost Lovers Meet and unleash the magic.
The time is now. The place is Japan. Mark is living the only life he knows or can remember. He does not spend any more time away from his box-like apartment than is needed. He lives in fear that he might miss this lifestyle, which he has chosen for himself.
His world is about to change. Masumi has returned to his life.
After such a long time, he has found his love again—or is it the same love?
All he knows is that Masumi has the eyes that he yearns for.
Masumi herself is not without secrets. A secret past even she has yet to realize. A power growing inside of her that will tear their world view apart.

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41ghbhja1alBrotherhood on Kindle

Brotherhood: Amber Light Series Book 2
The balance ceremony is fast approaching. With every ceremony two souls are connected to the ancient powers and sacrificed to keep the balance. The Guardians had the souls, until Mark was taken taken from the Guardians, taken from, Masumi.
The Brotherhood always pushes for progress. They corrupt, infest, and use magi to drag the world into the technological. The goal is nothing less than the elimination of nature and the magic that comes from it… at all costs.
Masumi does not care about the balance. Her focus is only on getting back Mark. Saving her love before it is too late. A task that should be easier with her newly awakened magical powers. She will burn down all those that stand between her and her beloved Mark.

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Cold Love: Amber Light Series Book 3
“The plan seemed so easy in the beginning. Take Mark from Masumi, from the Guardians, corrupt him, and control him…”
Suzuka is feeling the pull from being so close to Mark. There is something deep inside screaming at her, “You were supposed to be the one to corrupt him not the other way around.”
Lost memories are no longer Mark’s concern. The shadow in his mind provides him with the keys to all the knowledge held by the orders. Even the power to break the seals to his past. The Brotherhood and the Guardians no longer have secrets from Mark that is as long as he keeps listening to the voice.
Masumi is the master to the magical fire the Amber Light provides. She is no longer the timid soul the Guardians protected. She is ready to cast off from Japan in pursuit of the woman who took her love, Mark. She will burn down anything that stands in her way to get to him.


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51vtbpu-etlStrings On Kindle

Robert wanted for nothing. His job gave him wealth, esteem and satisfaction. His family gave him all the love and security that he could ever need. Jenny fell into his world. Like dominoes falling, she knocked over all of his defenses and excuses.
Robert wanted to write her off, to ignore her, to deny her. She offered him salvation, and subjugation. And with it a feeling of acceptance that could only come from seeing her marks on his flesh.
She broke him before she even touched him. Then she started to tie him back together again.


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Love, the first side of my romance novel. I see love as a bond between two people, a couple whose souls have been mixed into one, a melding of minds. But like a couple, even when they are two people as one, both tell the story from a different side. I have taken those sides and made a book for each. The first being Love   is told from the point of view of a man, Robert. The second in the series to be released later this year.

Paperback Love

Amazon Japan

Paperback UK Amazon

Love on Kindle



Kaoru In Loves Shadow on Kindle

41ktsz1y2ul-_sx373_bo1204203200_The other side of the coin to Love. There are always at least two sides to every story and here you can see Kaoru’s side. Her climb to the light per se as well as her decent into the darkness that is love.

Robert would love nothing better than to go unnoticed in life, just as he is left to his own devices working as a paper pusher.
Kaoru, a free spirited woman of today with the fortune to back her, takes the role of huntress. She could care less about his desires. He has been marked as her prey.
Love has bloomed in the city of angels. Still… love has a tendency to trap, crush, and cast aside the unworthy.



Kindle version

Paper Back


Windows and Linux's Adventure

Windows and Linux’s adventure. Have a run through the life of two cats learning about the meaning of family and finding their one true home. A great book for any family and cat lovers  .

Paperback Windows and Linux’s Adventure


Japanese Books








Windows and Linux's Adventureウィンドーズとリニックスの冒険


日本語版 Japanese Books




英語版のAMAZONリンク:Windows and Linux’s Adventure.


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