Back Baby BACK

After a hard year and some setbacks my publisher is back. I must say that I lost hope there at the end but before I did anything stupid my publisher is back. I am actually very happy now.
This publisher is providing you all with my fantasy series Amber Light with the first book in the series Memories up and on their site. The second book is not far behind I hope since that has passed the vexing stages. Book three is on my table being edited and book four is being written. It is a five book series and will be done for you all to enjoy. Now without further adieu here is :

Amber Light Memories

The time is now. The place is Japan. Mark is living the only life he knows or can remember. He does not spend any more time away from his box-like apartment than is needed. There was always the fear that he might miss the lifestyle that he chose for himself. That is about to change. It all is about change because of her. After a long time, he has found love again—or is it the same love? All he knows is that Masumi has the eyes that he yearns for. Masumi also comes with a past that she herself does not even know. The world is about to unravel to show what lies behind this natural world we think we know. Memories kicks off the Amber Light series in a way never done before. Dive into this story head-first for the world where everything is what it is…unless it isn’t what is it. Follow the lives of these two young lovers as they piece together the happiness that we all strive to have.

Amber Light Memories

Interview Reader of Love

As many of you know from my posts here and there about my novel Love. I recently was given the chance to talk BookCoverImagewith a friend who had read the book from cover to cover, what comes next is the full interview transcribed. There will be spoilers across the interview but not as much as to ruin the story for you. But again some people hate spoilers.

Before I get into the interview I must mention a few things as they may come up as you read it. Dean, my friend who took the time to let me interview him about my book is not a romance novel reader. He is into Fantasy and stuff like Sandman.  That being said he is also the one that is getting me to read Game of Thrones.  So when I asked him to read my work I was not surprised to find that it would take him a bit of time to read it by his own confession he is a slow reader.

So if you are ready the Interview is what follows.

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Love can help you win

So you feel that you know love, have been in love, and have even claimed your love to be pure in a sense. Well here is your chance.

A contest about love. the rules are very easy and the winner will get This a signed copy of my book Love. wpid-wp-1427768841920.jpg Now for the rules of the contest.

1.Reblog this post onto your blog. Pressing it will not work. It has to be an actual reblog to count as a submission.

2. In the commeBookCoverImagents of this post write something about love.  Anything, short, log, epic, limerick, what ever gets your fancy. The key point is that it must be unique. Language as in foul, grotesque, sexist, I don’t care.  It is your comment so express yourself.

3. Reblog this post. Please do not forget to reblog this post as your entry will not be accepted if you did not reblog this post.

4. Explain how my cover makes you feel about love.  It is right there on the left.


Now for the good parts. How do you win? Well that is easy. The comment with the most likes wins. As long as it can be interpreted to be about love.The contest ends April 11th the day that I became a Japanese citizen. So good luck to all.


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Jin Okubo


Book Marketing

I have read a couple of times and have heard people that classic line from Heath Ledger’s Joker and it is older than that but just to make the point. “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.” And while this is all well and good and we all want to make money for what we do. I as an author would love for you all to buy my book. But I am not linking it here for a specific reason. And why I will not link it to when I give advice as well.

This is a new thought for me and well my older advice posts may have the links to my books but that was before I came to this decision. Marketing advice for authors should not be a pay for advice thing. You ever wonder why there are so many. and I mean many book marketers who offer free advice and advice blogs only to try and sell you on their book.

Sell 1000, a MILLION, ebooks and or books, just buy my book and I will teach you how. I see these people as good as the late night shopping people who want you to buy the easy to make money turn your trash into treasures tools. They are for lack of a better word snake oil salesmen, no don’t get me wrong, not all of them. But enough of them, a recent search that I did while thinking about this post was book marketing and there are over 600k books on the subject.

There are enough that you would think that the best course of action would be to write a marketing book and sell it. And there are books on writing a marketing ebook and selling it. That is just sick and in my opinion wrong. So I will put everything that I learn about marketing and stuff as I go for free here or on my newsletter.

Now that being said, I do not have anything against someone who actually wants to work with you and help to promote your work. That is actual money for services. This is a post aimed at those that claim to help you only to turn around and say sure I will help you, here buy my how to book. That is not help. Stop trying to sell it as help.


I tried to watch the show and it turned me off to this series. But my friend says I should try reading the books because they’re good so I will try to let me borrow one. That makes 5 books I’m reading at once but I will try to finish this one in a week.


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To follow or …

There is many reasons why I would follow someone, just as there are many reasons why I would not. But the key point in blogging comes down to sharing posts, sharing ideas, sharing communication and in a way we are all selling something. We all want that little bit of each others time. Well I will take up your time and let you take up mine, and along the way if I am a dick and asshole a pain in the but to you then so be it. But most of the time I try to carry myself in a civil manner.

But that does not mean you can not express your mind and that does not mean that I can not express mine. So let’s talk, give me your two cents and let me give you mine.

Here is a question, What is raw unbridled love?