The Strain book and show review

The show is good. Though the whining character that is the child is basically unneeded and a pathetic attempt at drama. For all the claim that GDT said he was going to keep it close to the books, he has managed to very well… that is when it comes to the vampire descriptions, the ideaContinue reading “The Strain book and show review”

Cold Love Cover try 1

Hey everyone the third book of my fantasy series will be primed for release as well early next year. Yes that means next year I will be releasing three and possibly four books. With that being said I give you my first try at Cold Love Book cover first try. Part of the Amber LightContinue reading “Cold Love Cover try 1”

My first live Reading

This morning I will be reading my children’s book. I am really nervous but I think I can get through it. Reason’s for being nervous is because I will be reading it in English and in Japanese. My wife and son will be there as well. Still that does not ease the nervousness. AndContinue reading “My first live Reading”