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There are many things that make a great story. When deciding on the story you want to tell. Tell it as you want, fix the grammar and spelling as much as you can, and always, always keep hunting those dam typos because they are more elusive now with word processors than ever before.  

Screw it I finished it: Game of Thrones final review

The dread of having to wade through the last 200 pages of Game of Thrones in two more sittings really did not sit right on me. So I took it at one go and read it. What follows is my opinion of the whole book and why I do not like it. For all theContinue reading “Screw it I finished it: Game of Thrones final review”

600 pages in

This has become a battle and not a joy to read. The last hundred pages I thought, seriously thought that I would be able to enjoy the book and get into the whole series. Hey maybe even give it a good review. Then after the predictable, not even exciting way that Eddard was undone wasContinue reading “600 pages in”


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