Egypt may just be the first sign

We have seen throughout the times that religion oppresses women in not so good ways. We are seeing it in the USA with the denial of equal health treatment for women by religious employers. Not churches actual business who can say look my faith says women do not get fair treatment. This is what Fox News and most republicans want to stand for. Why because it makes their religious backers happy. The United States Government was not founded on religious freedom for all until the day comes to treat people equally at the workplace then it is force to follow the religious doctrine or find a new job.
Is that the way we would like to live where business can be exempt from the laws on account of religion. I for one say no.
Now we see Egyptian women running the risk of losing their basic human rights because Islam is standing up and stating hey you are a woman and my ideas of law (Shariah Law) states you have no place in society and must stay indoors until a man gives you permission to do something. If you do not listen then we stone you.
Is that what is waiting for the USA in this next course of elections. Will you vote for religious hatred and oppression or will you stand by our freedoms and say women have rights too.
Keep your religion out of my life is not a hard thing to ask and it is not that hard to abide by. You have yuor beliefs and I have mine.
Let’s not stop our support for equal human rights for all no matter the faith and especially no matter the gender. Women are equal in every way as men are.

God Life without Religion

There have always been people that tend to keep others down. We have all done it when we had the chance. Where does this mentality that we are better than others come from. I thought it would come from not following a faith or worse that we were inherently evil. This I have found is not the case. We are not born good or bad. The decision of what is good or bad is pushed on us from our family and more overtly from our religion.
I pose the question that religion is not in the best interest of god. I think that Religion has led to the greatest divide for humankind and that it is religion that is truly against god if you choose to believe in one. Atheist tend to argue against god but in reality they should argue against the religions for it is religions that take advantage of people and it is religions that lead people to kill each other. This is what I try to focus as I share my life story in
God life without Religion.