2020 and 2022

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be a hard one to see happen. The reason being that the country itself is still recovering economically from the fall of the dollar. Yes the US dollar had an impact on the Japanese economy. But if it can be pulled off it may be an interesting thing. Depending on how the events are scheduled and what technology is being used at the time.
One unique point being that the Olympics are now being allowed to venture out of the hosting city. This may be a positive or a negative depending on who you are. Positive for the Olympics as it will allow for a much larger event but a negative for the locals who will see their lives put into harder situations having to flip the bill for stadiums and transportation that outside of the Olympics will have a much smaller use value. This can be seen back to the Japan Korea World Cup with places like the Toyota stadium.  But we shall see.

On the flip side Qatar 2022 World Cup should not happen. Aside from the fact that the event must be held out of season due to the temperature there is the safety concern.  Especially since Qatar solves matters with the use of Sharia Law. Well pasted below is an exceprt from the Qatar Website.  As a foreigner if I was attending the World Cup there I would pay attention to the Modest dress code and the drinking and smoking code especially the drinking in public. Then you have the public displays of affection and such.  Also the insulting of being rude or expressing negative opinions. Remember to insult Muhammad and or Islam is a big no no.  Lest we forget the lessons of Charlie Hepdo, Dutch Cartoonists, etc. I for one will not be attending or watching them as I will not support a country that bases their laws around goat herder ideology.

Smoking / alcohol / drugs

Alcohol consumption in Qatar involves several restrictions. Luxury hotels can sell alcohol to their adult non-Muslim customers. However, expatriates will have to obtain a permit to purchase alcohol for personal consumption. To obtain a permit, a letter from employer, signed and stamped by authorized person in the company, stating your position, basic pay, accommodation, religious affiliation, marital status, valid passport, residence permit and a deposit are required.

The Qatar Distribution Company is permitted to import alcohol, and operates the only liquor stores in the country. Alcohol can also be purchased on-premises of certain clubs and hotels. Drunken driving, public intoxication and other alcohol-related offenses are taken seriously and can result in imprisonment, fines, or even deportation.

Penalties for possession, use and trafficking in illegal drugs, are severe in Qatar, and offenders will have to undergo long-term imprisonment and pay heavy penalties.

Behavior / Dress code in Qatar

Islam and tribal traditions form strong foundation for Qatar’s customs, laws and practices. Expatriates are expected to be sensitive to Islamic beliefs and practises. Qatar does not permit dressing in a revealing or provocative manner, including wearing of sleeveless shirts and blouses, halter tops and shorts. Western bathing attire is acceptable only at hotel pools and beaches.

Incidents such as getting involved in foul language/gestures or insults can often result in arrest, overnight imprisonment, and/or fines, irrespective of whether the incident occurs between private parties or officers of the law. Insulting somebody in public is also considered a punishable offense.

Homosexuality is illegal considered a criminal offense in Qatar, and those convicted may be subjected to lashings, imprisonment and/or deportation. Also, intimacy in public between men and women, including teenagers, can lead to arrest.

Islamic Law (Sharia)

Expatriates in Qatar will be subject to Qatari law, which is heavily predicated upon Islamic Law, involving heavy penalties which would be considered a misdemeanour in any European state. Violators of Qatari law may be subjected to a ban until the dispute is settled, which can take months for settlement. Local authorities may detain anyone considered to be potential witness, and the relatives of persons of interest, for the entire duration of investigations, without charge or access to legal counsel. Once arrested, the Qatari police will not be in a position to release a suspect until ordered to do so by the Public Prosecution and Court Service.

Women’s Rights

Women in Qatar may vote and run for public office. Women in Qatar hold leadership positions in several ministries / supreme councils. Women are allowed to go out and drive without any male companion. Although, Qatari women wear the abaya, there are no formal restrictions for expat women, although dressing modestly is a must.


The Qatari government uses Sunni law as the basis of its criminal and civil regulations. Religious tolerance is guaranteed to a certain extent. Expatriates are allowed to affiliate with their faiths, and are allowed to follow Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Bahai, provided, they are religious in private, and do not offend public order or morality.

Religious practice and religion are sensitive issues in Qatar. Hence discussing religious matters in public should be treated with care and sensitivity. Proselytizing is illegal in Qatar. Qatari law considers it inappropriate to attempt conversion of a member of one religion into another, or sharing one’s faith with a person of a different faith. Such practices are considered as violations of Qatari law, and may involve deportation or imprisonment.

Also, charitable activities of any kind require approval from Qatar Authority for Charitable Activities (QACA).


Qatar is comparatively a trouble-free nation, with low incidence of crime. However, it is better to be aware that there is the threat from terrorism that is otherwise seen in the region.

There have been occasional verbal and physical harassment against expatriate men, or unaccompanied expatriate women. Reports of petty theft are not very frequent, but, travellers are cautioned not to leave valuables such as cash, jewellery, and electronic items in unsecured hotel rooms or unattended public places.

Oh my Japan Geisha

This may seem like a running theme but it is not. Just a few posts and I urge you all not to take all Japanese this way. To do so will do a grave injustice to the countless of Japanese who support the openness and fairness of all people. Without them I would not have been able to see my son born or to have my lovely wife.
All in thanks to Ariana Miyamoto we are seeing other stories of great people in Japan who are denied the hold a certain status not because of a lack in ability but by this old mentality that you must be Japanese to hold that position.
I give you ‘A beautiful life’: The Australian woman who became a geisha the story of Fiona Graham.
This lovely story shows how beautiful Japan is and what foreigners who love this country such as I want to immerse ourselves with. There are aspects that we want to learn and master, one of my friends made a comment just last week that if I was living in a city like Kyoto I would be considered a Japanese Foreigner because I tend to live a more Japanese life than even some natural born Japanese. But This story is not to detract from the serious conversation that needs to be happening about race relations in Japan. And the people who are denied a certain station in their profession not because they lack the ability but simply because they are not 100% Japanese. I urge you to read the full story http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/01/travel/cnngo-travel-hokkaido-geisha/

By Jin Okubo Author of Love




Oh my Japan personal

Recieving such a big boost to people wanting to share just how wrong it is to discriminate I wanted to share some personal thoughts. While the story of Ariana Miyamoto :

(宮本 エリアナ 磨美子, Miyamoto Eriana Mamiko, born 12 May 1994 in Sasebo, Nagasaki) is a Japanese beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Japan 2015. 

And Hakuho Sho the sumo wrestler that will never be considered champion got me thinking seriously. So why am I repeating myself, well there is a simple and solid reason for it. What I want to say is hard to talk about just as any  trauma is. I am not a stranger to racism in Japan or in the USA.

In the USA I had a math teacher who used to say that I was born in the gutter and that is as far as I will ever go. A sadistic man who clearly thought that Mexicans did not deserve a spot in the USA. To the point that he would not teach us completely in class.

And just two years ago I had attended a Japanese drinking party and if you have worked in Japan ever you will know that Japanese companies have drinking parties. I was talking with some co-workers, let me stress co-workers as they were no where near friends. Well we got into talking about my tattoos. And if anyone knows there is an old taboo in Japan about tattoos though if you search the history enough you will see that ancient Japan used to have tattoos. And the negative conotation was brought over from China and how they used tattooing.
Well we were talking about tattoos when the subject of what the perception of them were in Japan over what they actually stood for. With a heated conversation the truth came out. And if you know human psycology in the slightest you will know that acohol and anger will bring about someone’s true nature. For me it was being told that I should not become a Japanese citizen because Japanese people will never accept someone such as myself.

The shocking thing is that while I was in tears at the attempted shattering of my dream the other co-workers told me to calm down and that it was ok. Not a single one told him that the bigoted words he had used against me were wrong. So I am ashamed that in Japan people are not told that this kind of thinking is wrong. Yes in school they teach children about Martin Luther King Jr. But they do not truly see the lesson as pertinent to Japan because Japanese are not seen and do not see themselves as racist when in fact the words that are not seen as wrong are clear as racist in the USA.

I stand by my words, wrong is wrong and discrimination, bigotry, and hatred is wrong.

By Jin Okubo author of


Book Marketing

I have read a couple of times and have heard people that classic line from Heath Ledger’s Joker and it is older than that but just to make the point. “If you are good at something, don’t do it for free.” And while this is all well and good and we all want to make money for what we do. I as an author would love for you all to buy my book. But I am not linking it here for a specific reason. And why I will not link it to when I give advice as well.

This is a new thought for me and well my older advice posts may have the links to my books but that was before I came to this decision. Marketing advice for authors should not be a pay for advice thing. You ever wonder why there are so many. and I mean many book marketers who offer free advice and advice blogs only to try and sell you on their book.

Sell 1000, a MILLION, ebooks and or books, just buy my book and I will teach you how. I see these people as good as the late night shopping people who want you to buy the easy to make money turn your trash into treasures tools. They are for lack of a better word snake oil salesmen, no don’t get me wrong, not all of them. But enough of them, a recent search that I did while thinking about this post was book marketing and there are over 600k books on the subject.

There are enough that you would think that the best course of action would be to write a marketing book and sell it. And there are books on writing a marketing ebook and selling it. That is just sick and in my opinion wrong. So I will put everything that I learn about marketing and stuff as I go for free here or on my newsletter.

Now that being said, I do not have anything against someone who actually wants to work with you and help to promote your work. That is actual money for services. This is a post aimed at those that claim to help you only to turn around and say sure I will help you, here buy my how to book. That is not help. Stop trying to sell it as help.

To follow or …

There is many reasons why I would follow someone, just as there are many reasons why I would not. But the key point in blogging comes down to sharing posts, sharing ideas, sharing communication and in a way we are all selling something. We all want that little bit of each others time. Well I will take up your time and let you take up mine, and along the way if I am a dick and asshole a pain in the but to you then so be it. But most of the time I try to carry myself in a civil manner.

But that does not mean you can not express your mind and that does not mean that I can not express mine. So let’s talk, give me your two cents and let me give you mine.

Here is a question, What is raw unbridled love?

Sweatshops are good

Many people just say sweatshops are wrong without doing any actual research. Learn something before you talk.


It offends me 1

I found myself watching a video on the youtube channel Moral Courage, from time to time they have good things to watch. This time they didn’t. It was a girl talking about how to deal with sexist jokes and though she tried to pass it off as not being a double standard it clearly was.

So in response to her three ways to stop sexist jokes I will state her points and contradict them each one in it’s own post..

1. Make it personal

When someone makes a sexiest, racist, bigoted joke. Make it personal was her position. Make it known that you are offended and ask your friends how would they feel if they were in that position.

My position against this is very simple. If you have friends who make such jokes and you know that they are just making light of something and not truly being derogatory but you still take offense, then A) you should evaluate your overgrown need to make everyone think as you think. B) ask yourself if you truly are friends with the person if you only laugh at their small minded jokes out of a need to belong, and C) think as to why you are taking it personal. Her example as in calling things that we find wrong or faulty as being gay. Though the term Gay has a long history in the English language it still has some connect to homosexuals but it she fails to understand that language grows and changes with time/ society and so on. I am reminded of the word Burly which some people choose not to use because it was a word used during slave auctions.  But if you were to really learn the English Language you would see that it was a term that originally was used to make a statement on an attractive male, someone being physically attractive, strong and so on.

So what I see wrong with trying to censor words is simply this. 1) it does not work, 2)You are forcing others to conform to your views 3) you are taking away the rights of free expression, no matter how good your intentions are,