Back Baby BACK

After a hard year and some setbacks my publisher is back. I must say that I lost hope there at the end but before I did anything stupid my publisher is back. I am actually very happy now.
This publisher is providing you all with my fantasy series Amber Light with the first book in the series Memories up and on their site. The second book is not far behind I hope since that has passed the vexing stages. Book three is on my table being edited and book four is being written. It is a five book series and will be done for you all to enjoy. Now without further adieu here is :

Amber Light Memories

The time is now. The place is Japan. Mark is living the only life he knows or can remember. He does not spend any more time away from his box-like apartment than is needed. There was always the fear that he might miss the lifestyle that he chose for himself. That is about to change. It all is about change because of her. After a long time, he has found love again—or is it the same love? All he knows is that Masumi has the eyes that he yearns for. Masumi also comes with a past that she herself does not even know. The world is about to unravel to show what lies behind this natural world we think we know. Memories kicks off the Amber Light series in a way never done before. Dive into this story head-first for the world where everything is what it is…unless it isn’t what is it. Follow the lives of these two young lovers as they piece together the happiness that we all strive to have.

Amber Light Memories

400 pages in

Welcome back to my trudging through Game of thrones song of ice and fire. And it has become trudging now Dean has told me that some chapters just have to be read in order to get ahead and not miss an important story plot. But is that wpid-wp-1426675681462.jpgwhat we want when we read a book.

I mean I want a book that guides me, leads me, but takes me only so far without feeling tired. Now it could be that I have read so many fantasy books and books in general that I find this book tired rather than popping. But when you look at the reviews over 36k in reviews and holding strong at a 4.44 star rating.

But what is there that I am missing that warrants that the book receive such a ranking. This is one of the reasons because there is nothing in the reading that I have found that warrants anything higher than a 3 star may…be a 2.

I can already see you fuming thinking that while I am entitled to my opinion I am just wrong. Really? Am I wrong? Tell me what it is about the story that warrants it to be a great fantasy. Is it his story telling? Because it does not feel exciting just drones through, and it is not really vivid. Yes there are moments of greatness but most of it is just there.

Back to the reviews many of them require and beg for friends to get them excited about the work or the TV series getting them excited but on the other hand the negative reviews that I have read and No I have not read them all so take it as it is stated the reviews that I have read that are negative basically comment on the story, structure, and R.R. Martin’s inability to tell a good story.  Am I wrong? Tell me how?
Yes I have decided to read the next book after this one not because of the story. I want to see a character die. I have already talked about it. Until then I will trudge through this and see what I go through. See you all in the next hundred pages.

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300 pages in

So today I made the trek to 300 pages in Game of Thrones The song of Iwpid-wp-1426675681462.jpgce and fire. My thoughts on the book are still that it is a good book. My friend Dean is waiting for the other shoe to drop as to when I talk to him about it he gets this pure look of joy in his eyes.

I work some ideas out as to what I think is happening and he says interesting. I think that is what is driving me the most to read this book. Because the story is not particularly special to me. I am not a mystic able to tell you what was in the mind of the author R.R. Martin, but I am clear on one thing. The story is predictable as far as when I get to a specific tense point that is supposed to be a nice big surprise it isn’t.

Imagine you are watching a movie and the hero meets the villain alone in a room. Bam you know they are going to fight and you know that depending on where you are in the movie who is going to win. That is how the book feels to me and is to me. The traps and tricks, the word choice does not confuse me or enlighten me. It just states that he is following a classic plan of the fantasy genre.

Does that make a bad book. No as I have stated  it is a good book not a great book. I definitely do not feel that it should have gotten fantasy novel of the year. Yet I do not make that choice and attribute it to sales over the actual quality of the story. But that is another topic for another discussion.

The revelation that I did come today is that I now want to read the whole series. Now wait a minute it does not mean that I like the story or am starting to love it. My feelings on it are rather set on the fact that I think it is just good not great, that it has no passion in the words. But there are characters that I like and one that I just want to see die. And as I told my friend Dean I may just look up where he dies and pull up that one scene, read it and be done with it. That choice is still up in the air.

That is it 300 pages in. I am actually almost to 400 pages but I did not want to make this a long post.

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200 pages

So 200 pages have passed in reading Game of Thrones Song of Ice and fire. What have I learned? Well there was the fact the very clear fact that I have started to like some characters. Does this mean that I love the book and have to recant on my previous statement that it is not a great book.

Hell no.

I still think that the book is poorly written as in the way that there does not seem to be any passion in the story. It is just told. When I read fantasy I usually expect some excitement when I am reading it, such as I had when I read Dragonlance, Magic the Gathering books, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, etc. Yes I chose these books as they will be the ones that most of you can connect to even though my fantasy read list is a bit longer, well a lot longer.

But this Game of Thrones just does not read with that excitement for me. That does not mean that I hate the book, I just do not see it as being well written. It tells the story and you get from point A to point B. Some things that I am liking about the book is the way that the chapters are organized. It means that I do not have to suffer through all the characters all the time. I can relish and enjoy the characters in their own chapters and speed read the others.

Some of you may say well that is what a book is supposed to be like, or that you cannot truly love a whole book, that there must be something you dislike in order to love the series. I say bullshit to that. I loved, I love, I will always love the fantasy books that I get into. even the characters that I hate I love them. With this book, the characters that I do not like are just worthless to me, as in they do not serve anything in the story except to move it to point B, to provide some much predicted conflict, to be there for the sake of being there.

So with that in mind I still think it is a good book not a great book. And I add another reason to why I think so, the story is monotone.