There is a signed copy of my romance novel love. let me know if you guys are really interested in winning this and I’ll have a contest up for you by tomorrow. show me the love cher reblog like com


Amazon link to the book Love

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For a sight purportedly to help, promote, Indie Authors this is a despicable thing.  When clicking at their review section there was a nice red text stating Get A review. And there is the hook. But look at the price, and that is per review. I find this kind of work predatory to new authors, and while I have thought about buying reviews this here from a site that helps or writes work to promote indies you have to wonder just how honest they are, or better yet just how hypocritical they are not. I find them so sad.

Standard reviews are $225, and have a 5-9 week turnaround*.
For an additional $75, purchase a RUSH review to get your review back in 4-6 weeks*.

*Turnaround is from the date that we receive the book; during the holidays and (potentially) inclement weather, reviews of paper books may be delayed up to three weeks

Love the blurb

I am thinking about changing the blurb of my book as I think it is too vague. Here is what it is. Please tell me what you think of the new one.

Old One

Would you stand your ground in the face of the anger from a soulmate? Would you break down if it meant your soul-mate would break down with you? Would you fight over a piece of toast? Robert knows better than to question fate. But he also knows that he will fight tooth and nail for every inch of happiness.

New one:

Love is a many splendid thing. That is what the fairy tales tell you. Romance books full of sappy endings or predictable Things. Robert knows those things and they are not love.
For Robert Love is pain, love is desire, love is everything that must be in order to make you complete. Why he stays with her is the same reason why love works. Let Robert teach you about love, even though the woman he loves breaks all the molds of the classic romance. Experience the new, the bold, the LOVE.

Asking for reviewers

I am asking for reviews for my book Love pictured below. If you know of a review group that is still active on wordpress please point me in that direction. It is  Romance novella. (Just because it is under 40k words) But it is worth the  read.


Sweatshops are good

Many people just say sweatshops are wrong without doing any actual research. Learn something before you talk.


Inspired By OM

I see you there talking

you speak loud so all can hear

yet when it is my turn to speak

you quietly disappear

how dare you ignore me

how dare you shun me

how dare you use the words I write

you do this all in spite

in spite of the friendship that could be built

bury that knife of neglect to the hilt

my heart can take it

but soon enough another will read me, will share me

soon enough another will give me wind and you will see

that while you passed me over and did not share me

I was still able to be free

And at that time I will leave you

I tell you know so you will know

It was not for what I did not read but what you did not show