Inspired By OM

I see you there talking

you speak loud so all can hear

yet when it is my turn to speak

you quietly disappear

how dare you ignore me

how dare you shun me

how dare you use the words I write

you do this all in spite

in spite of the friendship that could be built

bury that knife of neglect to the hilt

my heart can take it

but soon enough another will read me, will share me

soon enough another will give me wind and you will see

that while you passed me over and did not share me

I was still able to be free

And at that time I will leave you

I tell you know so you will know

It was not for what I did not read but what you did not show

What it takes

In an attempt to not be the spam blogger but also find a balance with what I share the line has become very clear. So here I am sharing with you what it takes to get a rise out of me. What you need to have in order for me to like something, reblog something, comment on something.

Liking something.
I find it fun to like things. Even things that I know bother me but the fact that someone put it up and caused my brain to think about it, no matter how much I hate it or love it. I will like it. Posts that make me think are fun to run into. But that is as far as I will go. I will like it because it made me think.

Commenting on something

I comment on things when I feel strongly about the topic. When I want to bring attention to something or when I feel that there has been a violation. It does not matter to me that I may offend, insult, or basically make someone cry. I could care less. I am commenting my opinion and my thoughts from the research that I have done throughout my life. I do not apologize for what anyone else thinks about the words that I type. I work with words daily, in my writing, in my teaching, in my life. Which is why looking back through my posts I tell people to read, reread, and then read again to what I stated, as to often than not the misunderstanding is that the individual did not read or did not comprehend my words.  But back to the topic at hand. I comment on things that draw me in. And no, it does not have to be words. Pictures, video, heck even a good title has gotten me to read it and make a comment.


I reblog friends that talk to me. That means if we interact with comments the more that I will reblog you. I do not reblog everything as there would be not much time for my own posts to get noticed. I do reblog others more than some but this is due to the fact that some people post more blogs and make a larger signal. But still there must be that line of communication for me to reblog. If we have talked if we have even crossed paths on a post somewhere and started to follow the chances are I will reblog your stuff. Talking helps folks.

Do I expect you to reblog me. I would like it, to that extent I will not lie. But no it is not an expectation. Still the more I reblog someone I do hope they take notice of it and decide that some of my works deserve the notice to be reblogged, commented on and liked. On an interesting topic, my words are mine and if I insult you, treat you like crap, or all in all tell you to fuck off, it is not the responsibility of the post hoster, if I am doing a guest post, or mine. Should you know me then you would understand that I do not insult, treat people like crap, or tell people to fuck off unless they deserve it. And nothing is more deserving than talking BS, trying to tell me or anyone else to change the way they behave because it offends your sensibilities.
When it comes to comments on faith, spirituality, religious matters, I default to my atheistic position. Bring me proof, verifiable, falsifiable, and testable by anyone, anywhere in the world.

When it comes to science, medicine, engineering, theoretical or not, bring me recent published papers from peer reviewed magazines.

If it is just a discussion you want then that is fine. And the final note, just because I do not agree with you is not the reason that I may insult you. Agreement or disagreement on a topic is not enough. So think clearly and post clearly. It is the only way we can keep blogs from degrading to the twitter world where everyone just starts spamming and following for the simple fact of getting more views.

Getting followers is nice but if you have 10000 followers but only 10 views per day, then there is something wrong.

By, Jin OkuboBookCoverImage

Author of Love

The Pope Proves my point
As I awoke this morning I poured my coffee and did my usual routine. This was of course without  its ups and downs. I had spent the night proofing and my eyes still felt tired. But the day must go on and so I got up.  As a usual adult I like to read the news for the tiny bits of information that they post throughout product placement or one sided media pandering.
Though I must say today was a big step. This step was more a call for the return of the old way. For as we stand on the brink of actually achieving fair and equal rights for all in the USA the church sought to stop it. As women may finally receive the fair and equal treatment that they deserve the church sought to stop it. Well in a sense the church has always been against women. They would like anyone to believe that they are of peace and love. Yet there is only the rhetoric of hatred as it has been for centuries. Be like us or die so you can go burn in hell.
Well I though why not read past the headline maybe the Pope had come to his senses being a cross-dresser himself.  Well the whole catholic clergy are nice cross-dressers and the higher you go up the church ladder the fancier your robes get. They are like the popular girls in high school if they were not such sad hate filled individuals.
There was the pope all the way in the Vatican city where it is a crime to talk bad about the church. Remind you of anywhere else that claims a religion of peace and still stones people (cough cough ~Iran, middle east).
No honest.
An Italian comic has been arrested countless times for speaking up against the church. Then again you would figure that in a place like the Vatican atheist or anyone not catholic would basically not want to be there. Kind of like Mecca for Islam.  Yet that is detracting from the point of today.

Today the pope stated to the the US Bishops that they must step up their fight against the rights of gays and lesbians. He clearly sees no problem with denying the rights of noble individuals who have caused no harm to him or anyone else. This kind of hatred is is common in religious history so it should not surprise any of us that the church would hold strong to their preachings of hatred. Though he clearly blamed the social and economical problems on the fact that we do not live a catholic way of life. You know persecution, burnings, letting priest rape little boys. The basics. And after all it is a clear fact that all bankers are gay and lesbian activist who want to tear down the economy and just make life a living hell. I mean come on the fact that there were two wars a housing market collapse and banks basically raped the government with the bullshit that is to big to fail. But the Pope clearly stated that nope it was not the real life factors that are causing the social and economical problems. It is gays and Lesbians.
Let us not forget Ms Sandra Fluke and the other women who deserve equal healthcare. For the Pope a man who has denied himself sex except with little alter boys. For a man who refuses to touch women out of preference or maybe he was born that way. My bet is that he was born that way as was I born my way. The problem is not that women need equal and fair healthcare. No the problem is that people in the USA need to learn the value of chastity.
Yes if we all followed the value of chastity the need for fair and equal healthcare would not be around. Though would that not be living in a one religion only country. Following the rules where killing people and just brutal ways of punishment are acceptable being the new way of life. I for one enjoy the fact of what is Freedom.
Freedom to follow my dream. Freedom to be happy as long as I follow the law. Freedom from oppression that the religious fanatics offer. And most important the freedom of fair and equal treatment under the law for everyone regardless of creed, colour, gender, or religious beliefs.
That is what this is about people. Do not let this clearly closeted homosexual push the hand to take away the freedoms that we have. Do not let the child molesting advocate Pope deny the rights that all women deserve. For it is not a fight about religious freedom but that of the church not wanting to follow the laws when they run a business. For them it is about getting more money in the coffers and if they can get their way endorsed then they get more money.

My Book

I have decided to change the cover of my book. I am also lowering the price. I want to see if the new cover and the lower price will promote it a bit better. There are two things that I worry about in today’s market.
First of all are we turning into a society of only looks where the people who are good at what they do or even have a valid point must fight tooth and nail against the crap that is out there merely because they put a shiny new cover on something.
Along with that for analytical discussion is price a barrier that can be overcome or is it really important to some people.
The reason for this is due to the fact that people are willing to pick up a book to read for fun and to get away at a drop of the hat. I have nothing against those kinds of books. I am in the process of proofing a fantasy novel that I have been working on. What I am concerned about is that people are less likely to read a book if it promotes conflict or forces them to think and want to discuss a topic that is hard for people to bring up. Just as my bi-sexual nature was hard the first time that I stated it out loud. I found that it was easier as I became more accepting of my own nature. This is not to say that there is no need for concern in what we talk about. Though we should be brave to tread into new ground and see if we agree with the argument or if we will shrink from the discussion.
My books tend to be for women’s rights and for the civil rights of all individuals. I hope that they will promote people to stand with women fighting for equality rather than sitting back and simply stating that there is nothing that can be done.

Egypt may just be the first sign

We have seen throughout the times that religion oppresses women in not so good ways. We are seeing it in the USA with the denial of equal health treatment for women by religious employers. Not churches actual business who can say look my faith says women do not get fair treatment. This is what Fox News and most republicans want to stand for. Why because it makes their religious backers happy. The United States Government was not founded on religious freedom for all until the day comes to treat people equally at the workplace then it is force to follow the religious doctrine or find a new job.
Is that the way we would like to live where business can be exempt from the laws on account of religion. I for one say no.
Now we see Egyptian women running the risk of losing their basic human rights because Islam is standing up and stating hey you are a woman and my ideas of law (Shariah Law) states you have no place in society and must stay indoors until a man gives you permission to do something. If you do not listen then we stone you.
Is that what is waiting for the USA in this next course of elections. Will you vote for religious hatred and oppression or will you stand by our freedoms and say women have rights too.
Keep your religion out of my life is not a hard thing to ask and it is not that hard to abide by. You have yuor beliefs and I have mine.
Let’s not stop our support for equal human rights for all no matter the faith and especially no matter the gender. Women are equal in every way as men are.

God Life without Religion

There have always been people that tend to keep others down. We have all done it when we had the chance. Where does this mentality that we are better than others come from. I thought it would come from not following a faith or worse that we were inherently evil. This I have found is not the case. We are not born good or bad. The decision of what is good or bad is pushed on us from our family and more overtly from our religion.
I pose the question that religion is not in the best interest of god. I think that Religion has led to the greatest divide for humankind and that it is religion that is truly against god if you choose to believe in one. Atheist tend to argue against god but in reality they should argue against the religions for it is religions that take advantage of people and it is religions that lead people to kill each other. This is what I try to focus as I share my life story in
God life without Religion.