Oh my comics now

This is image is taken from DC Story at hit fix  Now on the surface value it may seem

like a good idea to allow a change like this for a character such as power girl. Yet the damage it does is far below the surface.
1. It makes the statement very clear that Original non-white heroes and heroines cannot be created and should not. Just give them the same powers of someone else and that should make the populace happy.

2. The iconic image of the hair is almost as a blatant stereo type as cosby showing up to the white house dressed as a stereotypical negro from the 40’s.

3. It is demeaning to try and increase sales by sticking a new face on another hero and calling it done. Sure they may tend to build a story around it but the idea is still there. It is a face on another hero and the ignorant masses will eat it up.


All of this and you can see why racism is still alive and well in the USA and the people being discriminated against are seeing it as a step forward for race relations when they are in fact missing the whole demeaning event. So power girl is black now. Annie was made black. The whole time I am wondering why the African American public is not up in arms over these clear attempts to take there cash and belittle the culture in one shot. But then ignorance is bliss. And I doubt that this article will get any traction in the ears of the creators.

It is just like the ignorant bigoted racist remarks by the NRA vice president did not cost him his job. While progressive feminist lose their jobs on complaints from con artist like Anita Sarkessian.

By Jin Okubo

Oh my Japan

Recently I became ashamed of my Japan. I immigrated here about 16 years ago and have just become a Japanese citizen. Now like all countries Japan has its share of racism but had never truly worn it on its sleeve as a badge of honor, as it was and is no honor to be racist. Yet I find that I wish more and more that the old die sooner rather than later.
This has to do with two people, one is the Japanese Sumo Champion.
He is considered to be the greatest Sumo wrestler of all time. He is just dominating the sport. Yet he will never be accepted or even offered the position of Master of Sumo. And the sumo association is not shy about the reason. He is not Japanese, that is it. I was and still am shocked that such dispicable behavior exists in Japan today.

And not just that but from high class people in Japan. I am not talking about the Japanese rednecks referred to as Yankies here in Japan, but people in high office and official leaders of the sport. For that very reason I am ashamed for them, of them, and disgusted by their public shaming of this great great wrestler.

The other person is a lovely person. Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto born in Nagasaki. But that fact that she is half Japanese the racism has started to come out of the wood work. And the disgusting thing about it is that the people are openly being quoted in newspapers as to the only reason they do not want her to be Miss Japan is because she is half Japanese. They do not care that she was born here, or the fact that she identifies as Japanese. And when you hear her story you, you hear a story of bigotry and racism in Japan. And this disgusts me. So how can I make Japan better. Well I speak about it. I bring the attention to people of the world that all of Japan is not as racist and bigoted as the assholes who spout such hatred and vile. I dream of the day when racism will be gone but I fear that as long as pride over birth right exists we will not have it.

I ask that you reblog this and share it to get the word out that Japan has bigotry and racism just like every other country but that there are people like me who want it to stop and will speak out against it. I am proud of these two who have broken through so many barriers and shown just how far someone can go in a country as closed minded as Japan. New York has nothing on Japan. If you can make it in Japan you can make it anywhere.

My own personal experience in my new post Oh my Japan persoanal.

Jin Okubo

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