Inspired By OM

I see you there talking you speak loud so all can hear yet when it is my turn to speak you quietly disappear how dare you ignore me how dare you shun me how dare you use the words I write you do this all in spite in spite of the friendship that could beContinue reading “Inspired By OM”

What it takes

In an attempt to not be the spam blogger but also find a balance with what I share the line has become very clear. So here I am sharing with you what it takes to get a rise out of me. What you need to have in order for me to like something, reblog something,Continue reading “What it takes”

Tell me

Tell me about a book you like and why. Posted from WordPress for Android

Just 99 cents on Amazon

Synopsis:  The time is now. The place is Japan and Mark isliving the only life that he knows or can remember. He does not spentany more time away from his box like apartment than is needed. Thathermit style life that he has chosen for himself is about to change.It all is about to change becauseContinue reading “Just 99 cents on Amazon”

Brotherhood (Amber Light Series, Volume 2) Spells of magick and wonder as two opposing forces fight for superiority with love stuck in the middle. Masumi learning new spells is working hard to get back the love stolen from her. The order of the Guardians is revealed to her. The steps taken towards a whole new world can not beContinue reading “Brotherhood (Amber Light Series, Volume 2)”