Editing Service

Only mjinokuboeditinglogoanuscripts per the submission guidelines will be accepted.  All fees are determined by the quality of the manuscript as well as the type of editing needed. A sample of my work is available upon request. Direct email your request at kalamadea1234@gmail.com with the subject heading: Editing Request, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Copy Editing

Rates range from $0.003 per word to .01 per word

  • Grammatical errors
  • Verb Agreement/Tense Issues
  • Punctuation
  • Stylistic Inconsistencies
  • Misspelled Words
  • Proofreading of manuscript after final edits

The questions I will ask as I read your work will be:

  • Are there consistent grammatical errors?
  • Are there misused homonyms or other commonly-confused words?
  • Does the language convey the author’s intended meaning?
  • Is the tense consistent?
  • Is the choice of tense effective?
  • Are there areas where the verb construction can be simplified to increase readability?
  • Have words been skipped?

Line Editing

Rates range from .005 to .02 per word.

  • Dialogue
  • Redundancies
  • Sentence clarity/structure
  • Word choice/repetition
  • Consistency and Continuity
  • Style (grammar and syntax)

As I work through the story I will be asking myself the following questions:

  • Are there sentences or paragraphs that read awkwardly?
  • Does the author make smooth transitions from one paragraph/scene to the next?
  • Does the prose seem stiff, and, if so, how can it be improved?
  • Are sentence lengths and structures varied?
  • Are paragraph breaks appropriate and effective?
  • Do chapters begin and end with effective prose?
  • Is the dialogue active and believable?
  • Are appropriate punctuation conventions observed?
  • Are dialogue tags appropriate and useful? Can the reader tell who the speaker is?

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit an edit request by email directly to Jin Okubo
  2. Word document or Google Doc. (NO PDF)
  3. Payments accepted through Paypal.
    1. . Half the payment must be submitted before editing work can begin.
    2. The rest of the payment will be required to be paid upon completion.
  4. For legal reasons:
    1. The author has all the rights, or freedom of use rights for the material being edited.
    2. I am not qualified to make judgment calls on copyrighted material, therefore I am not responsible for copyrighted material in your work. (Song lyrics, excerpts from other works, etc.)
  5. After a request is made an Invoice will be sent with the price.
    1. If you are in agreement with the price then submit payment for the first half of the invoice.
    2. Upon completion, you will receive another email requesting the rest of the invoice be paid. Upon receiving the final payment you will receive the edited document with all tracked changes and comments.