Jin Okubo Films / 大久保仁の映画

Two new films to go into production soon.

Jin Okubo Films

Casting for the film The Line:  theline34

Chris Clancy 39B42B90-6E93-4275-AF21-D899CA611A7D







Kyoko Clancy60359575_448814015663484_3843163687380582400_n




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The Line




The Process Film Poster

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And you can find out more about me and my films at my IMDB site.

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - AltFF Alternative Film Festival - 2018Welcome to my page on my short films and my full length features. This is a page in progress. I will be adding more as more is done. My first short film titled Box is in the last parts of editing and will soon be ready for views. That is of course if the film festivals I will submit to allow it in their rules. So far it looks OK.

Here are some pictures of the end credits.



And a short video on when I went on a supply run.

The movie is now ready to be seen.

Here is my film. Please be sure to leave comments on youtube.

The film is also posted on IMDB. It is such a great honor to be uploaded to IMDB.
Please follow the link below to add your contribution.
Box IMDb

Web Series Hallow Words Pilot.

Dying Ember is out on my You Tube Channel