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Memories by Jin Okubo

Paypal-Buy-Now-Button-TransparentWhen someone tells you that their story is like Harry Potter for adults the first thing you might think about is erotica. I am sorry to say that this is not erotica. I just do not have the ability or skill to write erotica.
What you have here is urban fantasy at its best. And when I say Harry Potter for adults I assure you that I mean what I say.
What you have here is an interesting story of two people who start off with nothing. Each living life as it was meant to be lived. That is all fine until you get the truth behind the walls. There is a whole other world behind this one and once the veil gets lifted they start to learn what is at stake. And like Harry Potter finding out he is a wizard what we have here is a story of discovery and magic. We have a story of love and violence. The magical world is not all sunshine and butter beer. What you have here is blood dripping werewolves and spells that incinerate.
Take a step into the darkness of a world built in Amber Light.

My interview on Back Porch Writer



Today’s show is all about men who write romance. Is it different than how a female writes romance? If so, why and how? If not, then why is it so rare to find male romance authors? Is there a stigma attached to men who write romance?

Author Jin Okubo has something to say about all of this! He’s been writing romance for a few years, and shares his insights into this female-dominated genre. You can find his first two novels, “Love,” and “Kaoru: In Loves Shadow” on Amazon.

A word about reviews: Indie authors need your review love. And I do mean, love. If you read an author’s book, be sure to let other readers know how much you enjoyed it! I know, I know, if it sucked you might be tempted to write a brutally honest review thinking that you’re doing the author, and everyone else a service (favor?), and you certainly can, but I’ve found that what I put out into the universe has a habit of coming back to me. Good and bad. Just a little food for thought.

Timothy Bateson Under a Hunter’s Moon

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Under A Hunter’s Moon
(Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel 1)

Richard Parsons is a lupine, one of the many breeds of shape-shifters living in Seattle. Mortal legends of his kind call them werewolves.
When a traveling exhibition returns to Seattle, Richard takes a night time visit, with plans that go beyond seeing a particular display. However he is unprepared for the memories and emotions that

come flooding back.

“Under A Hunter’s Moon” is the first of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel” series, giving readers a chance to meet the characters who will be appearing in the main series.

At 4,200 words in length, “Under A Hunter’s Moon” is a quick, easy, read that introduces readers to the “Shadows Over Seattle” setting.

Currently available on pre-order
Releasing June 24th 2016… 

Timothy Bateson2


The First

The First - Ebook Small

With one sister a debuting author and the other a debuting publisher, how can it go wrong?

Forever Looking Forward”. That’s their motto. And that was what they were thinking when they decided to drop everything and just do it.

Once upon a time a sister told her sister that her imagination is going wild, that she has so much to say and stories chasing through her head (don’t worry, no voices) and that escaping into that endless world of imagination makes everything (well almost everything…) tolerable. So the sister sighed indulgently and told her sister, you want to write, write. We’ll publish. People love to read.

Anna Claire Everward is now an author with already two book series on their way. And her sister? Kate Anne Everward became her publisher and her PR agent. That’s how Author & Sister was born.

A. Claire Everward – Bio

A. Claire Everward takes the world far too seriously. Passionate and sensitive to herA. Claire Everward surroundings, she takes it all to heart, sometimes too much so. but it makes her fight for what she believes in. She is direct, although she tries not to be, at least not always. Like every artist she has her quirks, some understand them and some don’t. She prefers to keep to herself and spend time with her characters, and for her escaping into writing is always the best refuge. She would say it maintains her sanity but her sister Kate says that sanity does tend to be overrated.

Claire spent years away from home getting an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering and a graduate degree from the same faculty, with a risk management specialty. During that time she lived in the university, surrounded by forested hills and too much silence, and so to keep away the boredom she also took on an MBA, and now she feels ridiculously over-educated.

She tried to work in her field, she really did, and even put her education to good use in the finance field for a while. But eventually her love for writing took over, and she decided to leave it all and move to the world of her imagination. Her characters had a lot to do with that—they had lived in her mind, waiting patiently for her to be ready, for too long, they felt, and so they finally decided enough is enough and took over. And Claire didn’t put up that much of a resistance. She has always loved to read, but writing, that’s a whole new world she soon knew she could never give up.

She lives with her two cats, a brown tabby named Mary Boleyn who is much smarter than her and who likes to take over her laptop exactly when she wants to write, otherwise she starts throwing all kinds of stuff off the desk, and a black cat named Henry VIII who loves to jump on top of the kitchen cabinets and scream at the ceiling. Especially at five in the morning.

Nowadays, when she’s not rudely peeping into the lives of her characters, or having in-depth conversations with them, which she does tend to do quite often, Claire actually manages to do some writing. The First is only the first of her novels. With a sequel on its way and a whole new series to follow, Claire is turning her dream to be an author, a reality.

Book Blurb

The First - 3DThe First is a debut novel by A. Claire Everward, the first in a series.

Find Her.

Is the ancient directive that has once again reawakened in the hearts of those who hide.

Kill Her!

Is the frantic command of those who fear their rise.

Aelia returns from a vacation that did not go quite as she expected, to a life she does not quite feel at home in but that is, at least, hers. Or so she thinks. Within days of returning she is targeted by a hit man and she has no idea why.

But then neither does he. All Kyle Rhys knows is that to protect humanity, this woman must die. At least, he thinks, killing her will be easy. After all, the organization that has raised him has prepared him for her death his entire life.

So why can’t he kill her?

About Author & SisterClaire and Kate

When A. Claire Everward said all she wants to do was write, her sister Kate Anne decided she would use her ten-year PR and marketing experience to start a publishing company that would support it as a business.

That’s how Author & Sister was born. Now both sisters are finally doing what they were meant to do, and they are doing it as a family.

Author & Sister is not only a newly born publishing house. It is also the sisters’ story. On its website, every reader, every supporter, and every dreaming writer will be able to read about them on the Author & Sister blog. They will be able to follow what it’s taking to make the sisters’ dream come true, their breakthroughs and setbacks, the good and bad moments, the ideas and whatever interesting stories come up on the way.

The sisters expect Author & Sister to grow and one day help other authors, who like them are looking for a way to achieve their dream.

Kate A. Everward

After ten years working as a PR expert specializing in crisis and reputation management, voicing other people’s thoughts and needs and making sure they got what they want, Kate knew it’s time for a change. She’d always been a dreamer, a bookworm who escaped to her imagination when things got tough, and when her sister, another bookworm (they got it from their bookworm mother) came to her and told her she wanted to be a writer, anKate Anned already had stories and books to show her, Kate decided to help her dream come true.

And so from crisis manager she became a book publisher/marketer/literary PR agent. Her career had taught her how to fight for what she believes in, and she was tenacious to begin with, and now she’s using it all. While her sister writes, Kate is learning everything she can about the traditional and self-publishing world, and is talking to anyone, anywhere out there. She and her sister Claire have now created Author & Sister, so they can publish Claire’s books and tell the world their story.

Kate lives with her laptop (Yogi) and her 10 kg gorgeous red-haired cat who never sleeps. At least not when she wants him to. She is now starting to voice her thoughts, dreams and truths in her and her sister’s blog and is even considering writing a story of her own.


Websites: www.annaclaireeverward.com www.authorandsister.net

Book: www.amazon.com/First-Claire-Everward-ebook/dp/B01DYF7I6G






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Home is where the heart is

Such a wonderful idea to imagine that every time you go home… happiness will be there for you. If not happiness a sense of belonging. There can be so much love and happiness that families can share with each other.6318550531_50fd488d6c_o

Still there is the idea that homes are as cold and uncaring as the world outside. The mistake that people make by only looking at the outside of the relationship and not seeing what the couple themselves see every day.

This inference to what we think or can think that lies within other people’s relationships leads those, especially those with the best of intentions to press their views on other people.
When we see a relationship and ask what can be done… or that couple is doomed… we forget that our own personal relationships are not always chocolates and flowers. We need so much more work for those few moments of joy.

There is not a couple alive and I would figure dead as well, who can say that they had a perfectly happy lifestyle. We have been jealous, greedy, sadistic, overbearing, and worse. But still our love survived because it was love. And true love can take the negative with the positive and realize that those few points of negativity make the points of happiness so much more.
As the saying goes you cannot have an omelet without breaking some eggs. Well have your omelet.


Love by Jin Okubo

It’s four,” I spoke the time feeling frustration creeping in. There were no cooking noises and worst of all there were no flavors crawling upstairs through the crack in the door. At least, at this point I should be smelling the main ingredient in her soup.

And I have never known her not to make tea while she cooks. Why had I not heard the whistle of the kettle? There had to be something, could she really be pulling my leg about the soup.

Fear clenched me, but anger took control. I would not give her the satisfaction of watching me crawl downstairs begging for, begging for… soup. It was my SOUP and she had to give it to me.

A look ahead.

This weekend I will be doing many things.

First of all for my readers, be ready because I am preparing my own podcast.
It is called Outliers: People Breaking the Mold.

It will be dealing with people like me. We are not your typical people in our chosen fields. I am a male who writes romance. And if you see my reviews I am good at it. But why is there this stigma about men writing romance? Why is there this need to box people in? Well those are the topics I will be covering in my podcast.
This will also come with a monthly google hangout where I will interview and talk with people who are breaking the mold. Comment on here if you are interested in coming on the show.about-me-pic

Next week will also see a new author on the author spotlight. BK Rivers, will be presented here for two weeks. Please enjoy her work and have a good read.



Next month you will be seeing my novel Kaoru in Loves Shadow appearing on netgalley.

I am very excited about that.

Rebekah Jonesy


nude male body
In her southern hometown, Leslie knows where she stands. A divorced mother with a preteen daughter should be able to expect certain things in life. She fantasizes about the naughty things she reads in her bodice ripper romance novels but she knows that kind of thing isn’t realistic. She just hopes to find a love that won’t fizzle out with time. Enter Stuart Altmann, a friend-of-a-friend who appears to be suitable: a down-to-earth businessman with a heart of gold and a sweet smile.

But Stuart is more than he appears. The perfectly tailored suits he wears hide a complex man with hidden assets and twisted desires. His hidden passions force her to rethink her ideas of what is appropriate. Not all businessmen are stoic, not all pain is bad, and all the money in the world can’t buy you happiness if you don’t understand who you really are.

About the Author:
1Rebekah Jonesy is a work from home wife. A voracious reader, she decided it was time she made her own contributions. She has been writing for most of her life but only started publishing in 2014. Her books are contemporary romance with a variety of kinks thrown in. Understanding that human sexuality is as complex as the people are, she strives to show the reality of love as her characters work to find their happily ever after. Outside of the literary world, she is a mad scientist cook, gardener, Jill of all trades, and military spouse.


You can follow Rebekah Jonesy at Twitter, Facebook, or her blog Heart Strong.












Why did you decide to write in your genre?

I was tired of seeing the same ole love stories. Boy meets girl, boy has to meet objectives to win girl, boy succeeds and gets girl, live happily ever after. I’ve never seen a love story like that in real life. I see people come together with a hundred different little things they have to resolve in order to make things work. I see loving couples stifle their own sexuality because they think that will make it work, because they grew up on those same ole love stories. I wanted to read something that was real, something where sex was more than a magic spell he casts on her to stake his claim. It can be magical, but it is also raw and primal and it takes compromise, trust and understanding. I wanted to read something that was like the things I had been scribbling down for years. I wasn’t finding the stories I wanted to read, so I decided to write them instead. That and 50 Shades of Grey got so many things wrong. Safe Sane and Consensual are the bdsm words to live by, and that was completely ignored in all the books. What motivated the story of the Book?

Unsuitable is about Stuart Altmann who made his debut in my first book Keep Her Safe. He is a friend of the main character in that book and when he realizes she is dabbling in bondage he gives her advice on how to go about it safely. He is then overcome with worry thinking his friends will judge him because of his kinks. I knew as soon as I finished writing about Stu that he would have to have a book of his own. His pain was so real, so poignant, I needed to write his happily ever after. When Leslie cropped up I knew they were a perfect match. I had to show that not all doms are the super jealous, super alpha, “my way or the highway”, “I can buy your love” types. Some are sweet loving men that want to find a loving companion to tie up and whip to mind shattering orgasms.

A short intro to your characters:

Stuart Altmann is a self made billionaire. But no one outside of the business world knows it. And only a select few people know about his kinks, kinks that require safe words and lots of leather. His quiet, austere demeanor with his friends and his calm, commanding presence with his employees hides the growing loneliness he feels from keeping himself hidden. Living two lives is hard enough when you are a super hero, it’s even harder when you think you might be seen as a villain. So he hides in his suit and in his dungeon. Leslie is a sweet southern hometown girl whose marriage ended in a flop. She and her ex should have been a perfect match, but they just couldn’t find lasting happiness. Now she is a single mom trying to find a suitable partner and a good male role model for her daughter. She is a good person that has always tried to live a good life. Her only vice is the growing pile of romance books hidden in her bedroom. She has to keep them hidden so her daughter won’t see the cover art of women in chains, men in leather, and artfully coiled whips. Everyone knows that things like that, billionaires that swoop down on young virgins and turn them into sexual goddesses in their dungeons, is only fantasy and isn’t something that could happen to a sweet southern woman.