Reading group

What the books from my reading group look like.  I really love my group and hope to someday host one through my blog here. My book is not the easiest thing to read and for those looking for an easy read I suggest the fast selling diatribes that are pushed out by publishers for theContinue reading “Reading group”

There is always a way to start over

Hey all. I wanted to welcome you all to my author page. As I have been working on my books for a while now I have learned many things. I learned that some publishers are not all there and need time. Also I have learned to be more cautious. But the thing that I learnedContinue reading “There is always a way to start over”

The Drive

The Drive The rain was coming down slow at first though it was supposed to get heavy by the days end.  I had decided to leave work early and would be home for dinner on time. This would be the first time in half a year that I would be home for dinner and sheContinue reading “The Drive”

Just 99 cents on Amazon

Synopsis:  The time is now. The place is Japan and Mark is living the only life that he knows or can remember. He does not spent any more time away from his box like apartment than is needed. That hermit style life that he has chosen for himself is about to change. It all isContinue reading “Just 99 cents on Amazon”

Memories Front Row Lit blog posting

I would like to say thanks to Adam at FrontRowlit Blog for the following. It makes me proud to find people as kind as him and hope to return the favor. Memories by Omar P. Pena Adam on Sunday, April 29, 2012 · Leave a Comment FREE ON APRIL 29th at The time isContinue reading “Memories Front Row Lit blog posting”

Book Cover Contest Brotherhood Amber Light series Book 2

Facebook voting You can vote here as well as on facebook or on Google plus through my contact page. Here is the first of the pictures Here you have the first of the covers. It is a bit dark but as you can see the mage and the crystal ball bring a bit from theContinue reading “Book Cover Contest Brotherhood Amber Light series Book 2”

Author of the Month April 2012

April Author of the Month: Miranda T. Valenz I have decided to do the Author of the month on Miranda T. Valenz and her work Coyote Hills .As I was thinking about making her the Author of the month I felt it was needed to add some background as to why I felt she deservedContinue reading “Author of the Month April 2012”

Time to start finishing act two to my series.

I have reviewed the proof of my fantasy book and it checks out. You can find it here Amber Light Memories and it should be available on Amazon within a week or so. You can find the e-book version on Amazon: Amber Light Memories Amazon e-book Link Or click the picture  I must say thatContinue reading “Time to start finishing act two to my series.”

The Proofs Of my Books came in

They were a hard two weeks. But I feel that I blew through them in style. I took a short trip and when I returned I was so happy to see the big brown package shoved carelessly in my mail slot. I knew what the package was and I knew that I wanted to savourContinue reading “The Proofs Of my Books came in”