Companion to love 2

Recently I read a comment well it felt like a comment when in fact it was a blog post. It had to do with the move away from exposition and the idea that it should be used less and less. The idea that the exposition style of writing is fading and so right it shouldContinue reading “Companion to love 2”

GoodReads what is it good for?

A serious question. I am on Goodreads and often find myself thinking, well wondering what is it good for? I have tons of friends there and not a one has reviewed my book. I understand that there is a TBR list in everyone’s pocket and a book by a new author or relatively new authorContinue reading “GoodReads what is it good for?”

There is always a way to start over

Hey all. I wanted to welcome you all to my author page. As I have been working on my books for a while now I have learned many things. I learned that some publishers are not all there and need time. Also I have learned to be more cautious. But the thing that I learnedContinue reading “There is always a way to start over”

Brotherhood Amber Light Series Volume 2 Paperback

For this book I have decided to go with Lulu over createspace. The reason was simple. Createspace was having problems with the title. I guess there was a conflict in there system which is why I have gone with Lulu. The advantages of Lulu was clear when I first received my proof. Though it didContinue reading “Brotherhood Amber Light Series Volume 2 Paperback”

Where would we be without Indie works

I have been hearing a bit about how indie works are not all that good. The movies are low budget and the scripts would never pass to a big time movie studio. The books are crap and need so much formatting that reading it can cause your head to implode. The common individual tends toContinue reading “Where would we be without Indie works”

Amazon Tags Help Please

   OK folks here is what you need to do. 1. Go to these links. 2. Hit the like button. 3. Scroll down 4. put a check on every one of the tag boxes you see under tags 5. Agree with tags It doesn’t take more than a minute for each one maybe even lessContinue reading “Amazon Tags Help Please”

Author of the Month April 2012

April Author of the Month: Miranda T. Valenz I have decided to do the Author of the month on Miranda T. Valenz and her work Coyote Hills .As I was thinking about making her the Author of the month I felt it was needed to add some background as to why I felt she deservedContinue reading “Author of the Month April 2012”