Windows & Linux

Do you love pet’s? What is it about pet’s that inspire so much? It is hard to nail it down. But one thing for sure is that pet’s are not animals but part of the family. In comes the story of my cats, Windows and Linux. Two cats who were found as strays. I can not pressume to think for them, but I can imagine how they must have felt when they entered into our family. It was not until one of them decided to explore the world on the other side of the window that they felt where home was, what family was. ウインドーズとリニックスのぼうけん
In that please enjoy my children’s book about Windows and Linux.

Windows and Linux's        Adventure
Windows and Linux’s

The book link: Windows and Linux’s Adventure

The Japanese book link ういんどすとりにっくすのぼうけん

Day school

My son listening to a story on Tuesday school. and that’s my wife reading the story to him and his class. If you close I think you’ll notice the book it`s one of his favorite and I think it’s a very popular one :The Hungry Caterpillar.



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