Dhara andd Greg

Many of you would remember the show Dharma and Greg. If you don’t then I recommend you pop over to youtube and enjoy a show or three. Now the premise is s free spirited woman and a conservative man get married on a whim. What I found interesting was the clear view that Dharma and her family were more petty and more egotistic than Greg’s family. They mask it in the oh see the world in a new light but the message is clear that they ware pushing their beliefs on others and turn out to be more hypocritical than Greg’s family.

I find it sad to say that I have not met a free spirit who did not take offense when you did not agree with their way of life and may the gods help you should you disagree with them on politics or the environment. Where many of the ones that I have met have argued points based on hearsay and anti-capitalism when the data shows very clearly that the more economic ties a country has with another and that people have with others the less likely they are to go to war.

Tell me what you think.

By Jin Okubo


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Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire a book by Pedro L. Alvarez.

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At nineteen, Delcan wants nothing more than to break the bonds of what the world expects of him; winning the tournament at the Flarian Festival and earning a place as a squire is the only way he knows how. When he discovers his own father’s secret past and his role in the kingdom’s history, Delcan’s life as a squire suddenly becomes complicated; when he falls in love with the princess, Aria, it turns deadly.

Dragon Fire is the story of a farmer’s son and a princess who dreamed of becoming a knight. It is a coming-of-age tale set in a world where the young have no hope and the old no longer believe in magic. With compelling characters and vivid language, it is an action-packed story of romance, hope, sacrifice, and the most unlikely of heroes.

From Reviewers:

“Fast-paced action. Thrilling fight scenes. Romance, dashing knights, pretty princesses…everything you’d expect from a fantasy tale, with none of the clichés. [The author] seamlessly blends together elements of magic, mystery, romance, action and adventure into one perfect tapestry to create a story that went places I didn’t expect. …Dragon Fire is a beautifully-written, completely captivating novel.”

“This fantastic story flows seamlessly like a waterfall in paradise. It is colourful, refreshing, and every bit as powerful … Alvarez takes you on a journey from which you will never want to come back. Rugged and sensitive, something here for both sexes. Once opened, this book reads itself to you.”

“[Dragon Fire] has a spell binding plot and excellent characterisation. The writer manages to weave a love story into a suspense novel and does so with strong characters and plotting.”

“Dragon Fire is serious writing… captures the reader’s imagination with well developed characters and excellent delivery of dialogue.”

“If you like strong-willed female protagonists who overcome overwhelming odds, is calm, capable, and courageous… (she’s like Joan of Arc – but better), you’ll like this book.”

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