How far should the government intrude on women civil rights.

There are many people who would put the rights of a religion in front of the rights of other people. There are even many an American who will put religion in the face of other’s civil liberties. We see this clearly in the way that gay and lesbian couples are denied marriage rights. We see this again on how we view people from other religions when we talk about being religious.

Though where do you stand when people ask you about the rights of women. Most would say that they are not into oppression of women but follow it up with the government should have no say in a persons religious affiliation. People argue back and forth about religion in schools those for it are for prayer in school as long as it is the faith they are following. Those against it get demonized in order to make the point that these people are anti-American. As if having religious affiliation being a requirement to American status. Though if it was passed as a bill there is pretty much a guarantee that it would pass into law. Considering the common action by politicians to stand in support of religious doctrine rather than oppose it.

This is mostly due to the fact that a politician can not turn up the chance to please the voting population and most would adhere to one religion or another. Though our opinions on religion tend to differ there is the main point that all tend to stand for. We all believe in the rights of the individual in one sense or another. There were the civil rights fighters of the 50’s and 60’s. Though it is much clearer to stand for the rights of an oppressed people that we can see it is less likely that we would stand for the same rights of a people we do not see or can not readily accept.

This is due to the fact that most would put faith in their own religious leader as following the tenements of love and peace that their religion so often preaches. Though they would also follow behind the easy scapegoat that they are merely adhering to the law of god.

Well this does not sit well with me as it should not sit well with you. Where in the Constitution does it state that there is freedom for some? There are the people out there that can barely read and still they stand by the side of freedom for some and rights for those like me.

Though there are many things wrong with religion currently we have seen the worse part of it showing up in the USA. For a country that prides itself on freedoms becoming like Iran is a dam shame and I think we are still in the time where we can move to stop it. This can be seen with the national health plan and more over this can be seen with women being allowed the medical care they are in need of or they prefer regardless of religion.

Yet here again the religious leaders are standing up and saying NO.

Religious leaders are standing up and saying that they will not treat women equally. Which is all and good when you are talking about people’s right to believe anything they want. The point that churches and religious organizations want you to forget about is the fact that they are no longer a church or religious organization when they start to be a business that employs people of all faiths and backgrounds. A business needs to follow the rules set by law on what a business organization can provide and what it must under law allow all of its employees to have. I am pretty sure that the same Christians and Catholics leading the charge would be shouting religious freedom if it was an Islamic person suing them for the right to pray at work. Since in Islam you are required to pray throughout the day. Yet they tend to leave out facts that will cloud the thinking of the people with truth.

1. Women have rights as American citizens.

2. No employer has the right to deny American citizens equal rights that others must provide.

3. No matter what your religious affiliation you can not deny people the right to health care because it goes against your wishes when they do not follow your faith.

4. When you start making money as a business and have employees hired and take the status of a business then you must abide by the law of the land.

Religions tend to hold dear to the fact that they can thumb their noses at the law and cry religious freedom when people try to get them to follow the laws that we must all follow. But where is their moral high ground when they deny the rights of women. Where in their eyes people who are not of their faith are seen as second class humans. More importantly where do we draw the line? Must we wait until each of us is forced to perform religious ceremonies that are not of our faith as a Jewish group is trying to force a politician in the east coast. Must we allow people like Rush Limbaugh to poison the airwaves with hate speech in the name of religion. Yes I know that Rush is a shock jock. He makes money by getting people to listen to what outrageous claim he tends to make. And for the most part I find him laughable and tune in to his show to get a chuckle here and again. But to here how he talks of women who want health care coverage for contraception is beneath the lowest bigot. Yet he is allowed on the air because he stands with the religious groups who want to keep oppressing women. He is allow to call women of all faiths who use contraception whores and how he calls for them to be forced to make porn to allow us to get our money back for supplying them what normal business who are not religiously affiliated provide naturally.

Yet I expect this kind of hatred to come from religious organizations. I have seen it all my life and finally broke and had to speak about it.

I am Omar Pina Pena

I am Bisexual

I am for the rights of every individual.

I am for the stopping of religious hatred towards everyday people.

I do hope that you stand with me in saying enough is enough.

I would not treat my own mother this shamefully so why should I allow other women

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The Cover

As an author how dependent are you in a good cover that would get you more sales? What does that say about the daily reader that would spend more on a book with a shiny cover than one without? I think that it would be wrong to simply state that a story was only as good as the cover wrapping it. Yet most publicist would want that to be true.

Here are two covers that I made. Both covers were made with Gimp 2.

For the first one God Life without Religion. I wanted to do something which would appeal to the religious person. So I went on the web and searched religious pictures that were royalty free. I then put the cover together to give it the most impact and match the theme of the book. It is not a religious book but it is a book on faith. I wanted to give the image of faith in god and not the religions.

For the second one Amber Light series: Amber Light Memories I wanted the key images that re-occur throughout the book to be prevalent in the cover. Giving it sort of a dark feel to it rather than the classic fantasy cover. This is due to the type of book I have written. I have taken a step outside the box in fantasy writing. Away from the traditional I did not want the cover to be misleading but I also did not want to give too much away. It is a fantasy and it is a dark one at that.  I have no artistic skills and just put on what I thought I could do.  I made this effort by following a very simple tutorial on how to use Gimp and I was off. Of course the process was not easy and I have two or three mistake covers to remind me of that.  I must say that if I had shelled out money I would have gotten something close or maybe even better. But would it have helped my book sell more than these covers do?

That is what I am posting about. Would you have if you could make a cover or spend money on a professional one? Would a professional cover sell you book more on the mere fact that it was a professional cover?

I really want to know. And if you are a designer and want to prove to me that the cover does make a difference tell me from your experience. Though please understand that if it was a drab cover with just a name and you paid for a cover that is now a million times better than a name on a drab colour it would not convince me that a professional cover was what made the difference.  Posting with pictures in your comment would be cool or email me.

Am I a writer now?

This question got asked to me the other day. Was I a writer or rather a author now? I have given away my book with Kindle Direct Publishing and though they both together got close 500 downloads by kindle users I had only sold two copies each. What was that to say about my skills. Could I even call myself an author?  How many book sales does it take?

GOD Life without Religion close to 200 downloads sold two copies.

Amber Light Memories close to 300 downloads sold just two copies.

Both are going through another free give away GOD Life without Religion this will be the last free promo for these ninety days. As for Amber Light Memories I am staggering the promos but saving some for the release of the second book in the series. That way I can help the other book get known and the word that the series is real. There are some authors who would promise a series but not finish. Just like the ones who never get past chapter one.
When it comes to an Indie writer without a publicist or a big publlisher pushing the book I think sales tend to go slower. I expect my books to sell. There have been  those readers that have found me on facebook,twitter and or my blogs. The places where I have promoted my books. They have told me that they are working on reviews and that they liked my books. Is this true I do not really know but as they took the ime to contact me directly I would think so. 
As my books reach the second week and first week since they were put up on Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon I can expect the numbers to go up. Will I become a super star author , I would hope so but without a publisher with a big push in the market it is highly unlikely. It is clear that I will not be quitting my job anytime soon.
But this much is true. Since putting my books up not public domain books but something that came out of my head. Considering GOD Life without Religion is a sort of memoirs or life experience book and Amber Light Memories is a fantasy  book starting of the series it can be said that I am an author and thanks to Amazon a published one.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.