The Proofs Of my Books came in

They were a hard two weeks. But I feel that I blew through them in style. I took a short trip and when I returned I was so happy to see the big brown package shoved carelessly in my mail slot. I knew what the package was and I knew that I wanted to savour the moment. I didn’t of course. Like a poor child with a free piece of candy I tore into the package. There was no savouring just the utter joy of adrenaline coursing through my system as I got closer and closer to the core.

The books are of course my first two books.
God Life without Religion and Amber Light Memories .

So now what? You may be asking. So you got paper copies how will that help the fact that you have still only sold five books. How is it any of this going to make a difference considering that Big names like J.K. Rowling has entered into the once safe zone of the Indie writer. Well the fact of the matter it will still be the uphill climb that I have been doing. I will still pluck away trying to get people to read my book. Yes I do not have a follow-ship in my books. Heck the first one is my memoirs, which most people would only think about writing when their famous. Or at least in-famous.
I am neither famous nor infamous, Most of you would probably not know me from the person sitting near you at the Denny’s. And I have to admit stepping into my head is a dangerous endeavour, that has to be taken slowly and with great skill. I do not write fantasy and fiction books for the weak of mind. And yes as I keep editing and editing and re-working my words can be read by the lower echelon of society. There lies my point. I write as an Indie writer because  I love to write. I open my head to tear our thoughts faster than my poor fingers can type. And reading my books is like pushing a screwdriver into your skull. You don’t know why you are doing it or what made you pick up the habit but there you are non-the-less. The funny thing is when you get through the ordeal of reading my work and see the other side. You few who are brave, You few who are smart enough to see past the layers may just learn something new.
Expect the paper backs of my books at an Amazon near you.

The Cover

As an author how dependent are you in a good cover that would get you more sales? What does that say about the daily reader that would spend more on a book with a shiny cover than one without? I think that it would be wrong to simply state that a story was only as good as the cover wrapping it. Yet most publicist would want that to be true.

Here are two covers that I made. Both covers were made with Gimp 2.

For the first one God Life without Religion. I wanted to do something which would appeal to the religious person. So I went on the web and searched religious pictures that were royalty free. I then put the cover together to give it the most impact and match the theme of the book. It is not a religious book but it is a book on faith. I wanted to give the image of faith in god and not the religions.

For the second one Amber Light series: Amber Light Memories I wanted the key images that re-occur throughout the book to be prevalent in the cover. Giving it sort of a dark feel to it rather than the classic fantasy cover. This is due to the type of book I have written. I have taken a step outside the box in fantasy writing. Away from the traditional I did not want the cover to be misleading but I also did not want to give too much away. It is a fantasy and it is a dark one at that.  I have no artistic skills and just put on what I thought I could do.  I made this effort by following a very simple tutorial on how to use Gimp and I was off. Of course the process was not easy and I have two or three mistake covers to remind me of that.  I must say that if I had shelled out money I would have gotten something close or maybe even better. But would it have helped my book sell more than these covers do?

That is what I am posting about. Would you have if you could make a cover or spend money on a professional one? Would a professional cover sell you book more on the mere fact that it was a professional cover?

I really want to know. And if you are a designer and want to prove to me that the cover does make a difference tell me from your experience. Though please understand that if it was a drab cover with just a name and you paid for a cover that is now a million times better than a name on a drab colour it would not convince me that a professional cover was what made the difference.  Posting with pictures in your comment would be cool or email me.