Come on Bruce Campbell

TheLineLogotwitterHey all. I have reached out to Bruce Campbell about joining our film. He would be an awesome lead if he accepts. Come check us out.–2/x/3488197#/


The Line


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On Friday April 7th an Indiegogo campaign to collect production funds for The Line will start it’s six month long drive. The Line is written by Jin Okubo, author of Love, and will be directed by Jimmy Lee, founder of the Unity Film Festival. Production is scheduled to take place this fall at a derelict farm in California. The Line is a psycho thriller about a group of murders that the FBI believes are all related to the same person, an unnamed and unknown serial killer.

In a world of remakes, prequels, and sequels, we’re looking to make something new. We’re working to capture again the feeling of meeting the monster in the dark, an unknown killer, without basing it on someone else’s character. The depravities and impulses of the human mind are as unique as the individual. And no one makes a better monster to humans than another human. This is the story we want to tell, want to share with the world, but we need help to make the horror come alive. Remember in Silence of the Lambs, how you felt when Jody Foster was in that basement. Through the night vision you can see the utter fear and helplessness in her eyes. In a way you could taste that damp air she was breathing. We have a great story, now we need the funds to hire fabulous actors and crew to finish it. Let’s show the world that great acting still exists and great stories can still be made.

In making, and funding, this short film we are striving to show you what can lay hidden behind a human face. And in order to do that we encouraging our backers to help us, in more ways than just money. We have several interesting perks that will make you a part of the film itself, not just a sponsor or patron. Check out the Indiegogo Campaign The Line Short Film to see how you can join us, and our killer, in our movie.

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Where would we be without Indie works

I have been hearing a bit about how indie works are not all that good. The movies are low budget and the scripts would never pass to a big time movie studio. The books are crap and need so much formatting that reading it can cause your head to implode.

The common individual tends to make the mistake at least with books as being those cheep put together in an hour marketing books. Those my friends are not indie books. And indie book would be one such as.

These works which can be found on Amazon in e-book format and book format are not marketing books.

Memories (Amber Light Series, Volume 1)
Brotherhood (Amber Light Series, Volume 2)

Many people forget to realise that spoon fed stories made into movies tend to run similar. This is because the big studios do not want a public that thinks but rather accepts the trends and buys the goods. If more works were indie style then the studios would have to always provide a bigger material selection and that would go against profit.

True Indie authors and film makers tend to think outside the box. They bring original ideas to life without the limitations imposed on by big money studios. If you want an example of this just look at the summer line-ups. You will see big names like Batman, Avengers, Hunger games. Big effects and catch phrases for the masses. Though the topics online are how similar they are.

If you look back a few years you may remember an indie film that hit it big. It was called Saw this independent horror film spawned a whole series.  After all Indie is only short for independent. There are many low-budget independent movies and books that go on to hit it big. The reason they do is because people take a chance on them.

When you pick up a book or even an e-book take a chance on an independent book. You will be surprised as to how many more real good stories there are out there. Do not let the crap marketers selling get rich quick books as indie books. Those are nothing more than digital pamphlets.

A true independent author provides a good story for an affordable price. For less than a gallon of gas I bring you two books in a series with the third one being released after summer.

Memories (Amber Light Series, Volume 1)
Brotherhood (Amber Light Series, Volume 2)