Memories drive us

There is always a new feeling when old memories come back to haunt us. That idea of what we can be and what we could have been build conflict within us. Please enjoy the first chapter of my newest release. Memories. Genre Urban Fantasy. Spark The morning was just like any other he had experiencedContinue reading “Memories drive us”

Home is where the heart is

Such a wonderful idea to imagine that every time you go home… happiness will be there for you. If not happiness a sense of belonging. There can be so much love and happiness that families can share with each other. Still there is the idea that homes are as cold and uncaring as the worldContinue reading “Home is where the heart is”

Where does the heart go.

There are many things that bring about a new view on novels. This is especially true when it comes to the romance genre. It is my opinion that this genre has seen a large shift to both extremes as to what can constitute romance. Then there is the idea of who is qualified to writeContinue reading “Where does the heart go.”

The Idea of Romance

There is always a view or essence that we try to insert into Romance. A certain feeling that we would all like to have. The mere idea of there being someone… something out there, which we can call love is a deep held belief within all of us. This idea of romance drives us andContinue reading “The Idea of Romance”

Rebekah Jonesy

Blurb: In her southern hometown, Leslie knows where she stands. A divorced mother with a preteen daughter should be able to expect certain things in life. She fantasizes about the naughty things she reads in her bodice ripper romance novels but she knows that kind of thing isn’t realistic. She just hopes to find a love that won’tContinue reading “Rebekah Jonesy”

Writing anywhere

Have you ever heard the saying, “A writer can work anywhere in the world.” This is the great thing about being a writer, our work comes with us when we travel or when we decide to live. Now before you pack up your bags and run off to the Bahamas, please think about what livingContinue reading “Writing anywhere”

True Love from someone who knows it better than you. There is nothing that a man would not do for the woman he loves. Even when the man is the social outcast that Robert is. But given the everyman appeal that he has in his mind, his outcast persona drives the nail home. Why does he know how to love better than any ofContinue reading “True Love from someone who knows it better than you.”

Love, with a taste of the romance

Love   The cover alone should entice you. The story edited re-written for a smoother feel and a more fluid take. If you love romance, have friends who love romance, here you go…   There is so much in advertisement that I have yet to learn. I would love it if my readers would spreadContinue reading “Love, with a taste of the romance”