The future

There are many things that we all tend to worry about when we think about the future. Money, friends, health, plans, plans yes plans. The idea that our plans will not happen tends to dwell deep within our very beings.
I forget who the quote comes from, but this idea that plans must be seen through, and that plans within plans keep us secure. Well, it went something like that.

I have plans. I have a great many plans, one of them is for happiness and I hope to have it someday. Yet, many are just for the security of the ones I love. Everything I work at and try tend to not be for my benefit but for the benefit of the people I love. And while I will stand by my integrity I will also call bullshit when I see it. I defriend and friend people depending on their integrity. I am happy to count the friends in my circles as friends because they are people with integrity. And well the ones that do not have integrity I toss to the wayside.
So when it comes to thinking about the future. I sleep well on it. I do what I can and worry about what I can’t but in the end. Well in the end the future comes and like the unavoidable train on the tracks I take it head on. As we should all.

The Strain book and show review

The show is good. Though the whining character that is the child is basically unneeded and a pathetic attempt at drama. For all the claim that GDT said he was going to keep it close to the books, he has managed to very well… that is when it comes to the vampire descriptions, the idea and plot of the books. But the characters he has sided with useless TV drama for quick views rather then keep the originality that makes his books shine.

Book 1,

Very well written. The captivating story and the way you are guided from one scene to the other is just amazing.  It is sad and angry and horrifying all rolled into one. I must admit had I read the books before seeing the show I would be completely pissed at GDT for lying when the claim was made that he was taking the show by the reigns in order to keep it true to the books. The books are turning out awesome and not wanting to spoil it for people I will say one thing. About 45% of what is happening on the show is not in the books.
Now yes it is his story and creative license is the artists best tool. But don’t lie about what you plan on doing in the show.
Before all the cinematography people jump in saying that somethings can not be done, I have yet to read something in his books that could not be done, and done well with cinematography.
The cheep attempts at drama. The whining pathetic excuse for a son, the distancing from the story as told in the books is just betrayal to his own words.
The book provides the perfect balance of heartfelt drama. The son in the book is not a little spoiled, bratty pathetic excuse of human as the character is playing him in the show.

Does this mean I will stop watching the show? No. It does mean that every time that pathetic actor playing the son, and the lines written in such a pathetic way come on the screen I will be forwarding ahead.  Every time they stick some useless drama for the sack of sticking it in. I will be, yup, forwarding ahead.
If you want my advice and or want to head my warning, of season two, some episodes have only about 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes of watchable material. The rest is added drama and useless child whining that does not belong, does not fit in, and is just a cheep attempt at ratings which the story does not need.
Jin Okubo

When in Rome

When in Rome as the saying goes, well I have always found it a bit eh… I mean you are supposed to change yourself to fit your surroundings and go with the flow. That is all well and good until you want to break free, to be yourself. Yes there are times you must follow the words such as with laws. When you are in a different country you must follow the laws of the land.
This part is what pisses me off. People who feel entitled to break the laws of another country and then want to be rescued by the laws of their home country. I say NO. If you are in another country and break their laws then you must face the courts of those countries. You may call me cold but every time that I see someone arrested for drugs in a country with severe death penalty laws for drugs trying to get their home country to free them I always hope that the country where they broke the law kills them faster. You are not as I am not allowed to make light of the laws of another country. This is why I do not go into countries with severe laws or crazy laws.

Screw it I finished it: Game of Thrones final review

wpid-wp-1426675681462.jpgThe dread of having to wade through the last 200 pages of Game of Thrones in two more sittings really did not sit right on me. So I took it at one go and read it. What follows is my opinion of the whole book and why I do not like it. For all the sensitive spoiler freaks out there, do not worry there will be no spoilers. Just my thoughts on the writing, the story, and why I felt and feel the way I do.

No, I did not enter the book with a positive look. I did not even make it through the first episode on TV. And when I mean I did not make it through I mean I could not change the channel, website, video player fast enough. That is how much the dialog sucked in my opinion. I thought it was uninspired and still do. To me the discussions tend to be children playing at a mystery game where they all know that each other is lying but refuse to call them out on it just so they can play longer. There was no intrigue for me and even though I was wrong on my guesses for what was coming I found that I was right more often then wrong as when an event happened I was not surprised, nor was I amazed. To put it plain and simple the writing did not carry the weight that a good fantasy novel with intrigue should carry.
Maybe I am reading the book wrong, maybe it is not meant to be a fantasy, maybe it is supposed to be a soap opera told in a fantasy setting. If so, then it is clear why the book did not appeal to me. If he was trying to write a compelling fantasy novel I think he failed and the only reason the book has merit is because it is long. But a long boring story is still one thing. Boring.

Something that I did like was the description. He was very good at painting elaborate scenery and rooms. I could feel the cold of the ice around the neck, but that was not enough to save the story that had no excitement.

As I said before I could see what was coming and though I made mistakes here and there about what was happening it was not for lack of trying. I wanted to get  into the story and really tried to be excited.  Yet even when it came to deaths they sort of just happened. They tended to remind me of the old paint by numbers books but in conversation. So when someone died, even though I wanted the character to die or whether I wanted the character to live I was like well yeah that was going to happen. There was no loss or elation in the scene. This may be why the most common comment I have seen is I saw the show and then read the books. I guess for those who saw the show and enjoyed it then they would enjoy the books. It would be like reading a script and enjoying it. Well I did not.

My last comment will be on the ending. (Sigh) even my friend who lent me the book was like, wait until the end. Others were wait until the end it will be something. I can honestly say I waited and there was nothing. Now before the comments come as well they built it up to big, or you must read the next book, or even that I may have just missed the point, I simple say NO.

The Ending was just there. Even pyre scene was just there. And you could not expect me to be excited about something that anyone with any thought would know was coming since the first mention of it way way earlier, I am talking first part of the book early and then throughout the book. There was no mystery, no excitement, no suspense. Again it was paint box one red, box two blue.  If I put water in a tea pot and put it on the stove to heat up. When the pot whistles I get hot water. I am not surprised by the hot water, I know what happens when someone heats up water. IT GETS HOT.

For the childlike whiners out there. A spoiler may come after this, that is if you have not seen the show at all, or read the book in this wholeBookCoverImage time. Which is doubtful. But you have been warned. Do not worry I won’t go into specifics but just add a simple fix that to me would have added so much in the end.

Now someone might be  stupid enough, ignorant enough to make the comment, well what would you have done differently. Or to put it easily put up or shut up.

One simple fix. A very easy fix and it would have added some inkling of suspense, thrill, mystery, excitement. Remove three rocks from their earlier mention. Have them brought in as a funerary gift to be burned as offering to the gods. Have those rocks be noticed by Daenerys but only in passing glance. (Not the obsessive are they no they aren’t bullshit game that was used.) As a second thought she brings up the idea of what they are just as the screams and thundering is heard from the pyre. Then do the reveal.

The way that he did I would have been more surprised if they had been rocks. Or if he would have saved them until IMAG0135book two. At least that would have given me something to look forward to if that can be said about anything in this book. You know a mystery, some suspense, anything to bring to life a dead story, dead dialogue, dead characters with very little to know value to me. Even the imp towards the end was just there for me and I rather liked the imp towards the end, even though I saw him and still see him as more of a move the plot forward device.

By Jin Okubo  author of Love