Sitting there and you see me

You smile
I smile

My heart pounding.
You were not to be here
Here was for me and me alone
Why did you come?

How did you manage to time it right
sweat, pain, flashbacks, flooding my mind
Why now? Why here?

Run, Run, Run, but all I can do is walk away.
How I wish I could run, run, run…

Inspired By OM

I see you there talking

you speak loud so all can hear

yet when it is my turn to speak

you quietly disappear

how dare you ignore me

how dare you shun me

how dare you use the words I write

you do this all in spite

in spite of the friendship that could be built

bury that knife of neglect to the hilt

my heart can take it

but soon enough another will read me, will share me

soon enough another will give me wind and you will see

that while you passed me over and did not share me

I was still able to be free

And at that time I will leave you

I tell you know so you will know

It was not for what I did not read but what you did not show


I wake up to the pain of another day

Still no matter how much I try and think you away I can not stop must not stop. You are what you are and I made you that way. Each and every day I cry for the time I had you. Perfection never hurt so good and still I want to try and smooth the pain.

So what can I do
What can I say

Where can I run

How can I hide

No, there is not a single day that passes where you do not cloud my mind.

When my pen touches paper you are born, When my brush touches paint you are born.

In every word, every stroke, every thought and every sense you are born.

Just wish I could but I can not, must not let you fade.

By Jin Okubo

Love Teaser